Happy Tai Chi Taster

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Instructor: Tara Tuen-Matthews

Happy Tai Chi Taster Session this Sunday 05/09/21 8.30 to 9.30am
When is a good time to plant a tree? 25 years ago
When is the next good time to plant a tree? NOW SO TAKE ACTION, LEARN & PRACTICE TAI CHI for HEALTH, WELLBEING & VITALITY.
Embrace a practice that allowed you to heal her body, mind, and soul simultaneously.
Improvement in your life comes through improving yourself. There are no shortcuts, but consistent training in a discipline that develops your mind, body and spirit, which will produce spectacular changes over time.

• Low impact, slow, graceful exercise – Stretch, Breath, Move
• Mental focus and body alignment
• Building leg strength, stamina, endurance and stability
• Increase stamina, flexibility and coordination
• Calm body and mind
• Release stress
If you can achieve all the above in Tai Chi Practice, why not invest in this health bank?🤔
Social distancing essential, adhering to Covid 19 protocols
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