Chi-Power™ Sports Practitioner Coaching workshop

The world’s first Chi-Power™ Sports Practitioner Coaching workshop was held at the David Lloyd Leisure Centre in Woking, Surrey on 30th June. It was hosted by Jayne Storey (Director of Training) and attended by ten experienced T’ai Chi instructors, registered with either the T’ai Chi Union for Great Britain or the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts.

Group Swing Practise

The workshop was hugely successful with instructors coming from as far away as Glasgow and Somerset to participate in the event. Eight of those instructors who attended are now training to become fully qualified Chi-Power™ Sports Coaches.

Once qualified, they will be able host events for athletes at different locations around the country, teaching elements of the Eastern energy arts to help sports-people and fitness enthusiasts enhance their mental and physical performance during training and competition.

The new Chi-Power™ Sports Team are: Tony Birdfield, Malcolm Calvert, Charles Gorrie, Stuart Innes, Lindsay Jenkins, Rita Mikalauskas, Cheryl Mountford and Colin Smith.

Chi Power Sports Team

Here’s what some of those who attended had to say about the day:

“As a dedicated tai chi player and instructor, the life-changing power and importance of accepting T’ai Chi and Chi Kung is unquestionable. Over the years, several of my ‘learners’ have noted improvements in their performance of other, quite varied, sports. These improvements have been both physical and mental, as is the very nature of T’ai Chi. Jayne has had the forethought and commitment to take this perspective and develop an exciting program that will offer this added dimension to sportsmen and women in all areas. Her presentation is inspiring, her enthusiasm and passion infectious”. Cheryl Mountford

Charles gorrie swing “I found the workshop to be excellently prepared and Jayne was very open and clear with her presentation. She has obviously spent considerable time and energy in developing this approach as well as widely networking to raise its profile in preparation for further development. Very impressive”. Tony Birdfield

“I really enjoyed the Chi-Power™ Sports workshop last Saturday and am very excited about the whole programme. As always it was great to meet with other T’ai Chi teachers and learn about their experiences. I must admit that I arrived at the workshop already “fired up” and excited. This was because I thought the idea was fantastic and long overdue, but more so from the response I had received when mentioning the programme to some golfing friends of mine. The programme appears to be very well thought out and Jayne has certainly put an enormous amount of work into developing it and ensuring it is recognised by the relevant bodies. I can’t wait to start presenting seminars”. Stuart Innes

Want to join us?

Jayne Storey If you are a qualified Chi Kung and/or T’ai Chi instructor who has at least 5 years teaching experience and you would like to open up your T’ai Chi teaching career to include local, national, elite and masters-level athletes in your client base, please get in touch with Jayne Storey, Director of Training, Chi-Power™ Sports Chi-Power Sports and register for the next Chi-Power™ Sports Practitioner Coaching workshop which will be held early 2008.

Ring: 01932 564 141
Mobile: 07986 447 250

For more information on the Benefits of T’ai Chi for Athletes please visit T’ai Chi for Athletes