TCUGB – Festival of Chinese Internal Arts – Wolverhampton – Sunday 25th March

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On Sunday the 25th March 2007 the TCUGB hosted a Festival of Chinese Internal Arts in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.
The aim of the event was to allow TCUGB Members and others an opportunity to develop and learn new skills and thereby increase their level of experience.

The event was hosted and orgainised by Faye Yip Li of Deyin Taijiquan Institute GB and Ronnie Robinson of, Promotions Manager TCUGB.

A number of highly experienced TCUGB Instructors were present and each gave a workshop of 45 minutes on various aspects of Tai Chi and other Chinese Internal Arts.

The event played host to a special delegation from eminent tai chi bodies in China including:

  • Ms.Liu Dong : Director, Zhengzhou Sports Bureau. Chairman, Zhengzhou Wushu Association.
  • Mr.Li Wei: Secretary-General, Zhengzhou Wushu Association.
  • Ms.Fan Xifeng : Division Chief, Zhengzhou Sports Bureau.
  • Ms.Li Fei: Deputy Secretary-General, Zhengzhou Wushu Association.
  • Mr.Liu Yiming: Director, Zhengzhou Chang’s Wushu Skills and Techniques Research Institue. The 8th Generation Heir to Chang’s Wushu Skills and Techniques.
  • Ms.Song Xiaoping : Vice-President, Shaolinshi Tagou Martial Art School.
  • Ms.Guo Meihong : Vice-President, Shaolinshi Tagou Martial Art School.

This was the first time a delegation from the Wushu associations of China had supported a TCUGB event in Great Britain. They were very warm and friendly people and their skills were fantastic.

Mr. Liu Yiming, Director of Zhengzhou Chang’s Wushu Skills and Techniques Research Institute and also the 8th Generation Heir to Chang’s Wushu Skills and Techniques, gave a workshop on one of the three major styles of martial arts in the Henan Province of China, Chang Style Wushu. His poise, skill, strength and swiftness of movement was an inspiration to us all and he soon had us sweating and straining to come up to his excellent standard. He expected a high quality of commitment and study from his students and we tried our best to match his precise movements. Despite his best efforts to correct and encourage us we were no match for his skills, though, hopefully, our enthusiasm to throw ourselves into something new and exciting entertained him.

Ms. Li Fei, Deputy Secretary-General, Zhengzhou Wushu Association and coach of the Zhengzhou Wushu team, gave an equally inspiring workshop on the internal art of Bajiquan. She was an amazing artist to watch and again expected very high standards from us. She pushed us hard and fast to try to teach us an entire Wushu routine in 45 minutes. We all tried our best and even enjoyed a little application practice at the same time but I’m not convinced any of the participants remembered the entire sequence. It was a wonderful 45 minutes full of concentrated effort and I’m sure she appreciated that we all tried our best to keep up with her.

TCUGB instructors made up the other visiting workshop leaders these included:

  • Peter Warr whose workshop on Hsing Yi was very well attended.
  • Simon and Richard Watson, from Longfei organisation, taught a very entertaining workshop on applications.
  • Mark Peters, from Kai Ming Group in Birmingham, taught Push Hands.
  • Richard Farmer, from Rising Dragon school, shared his thoughts and experiences on the philosophy of Tai Chi.
  • Ronnie Robinson also taught a workshop on Push Hands.

In addition to the workshops there were a number of high-quality demonstrations featuring both TCUGB instructors and our visitors from China. Mr. Liu Yiming and Ms. Li Fei both gave powerful performances of both hand and weapon forms and showed the precision and grace indicative of Chinese Wushu practitioners.

TCUGB instructors also gave very good demonstrations including 42-Step Competition hand form, San Shou 2-man form, Sun Style hand form and Spear.

The students of Deyin Taijiquan Institute GB, based in Wolverhampton, gave a demonstration of the Taiji Kung Fu Fan form choreographed by Professor Li Deyin, our chairman and Faye Yip Li’s father. This was quite a daunting task for all of us, especially as we had gone through the day blissfully unaware that we were to be called upon to make any such demonstration! After watching all of the instructors and delegates perform, we were all feeling more than a little nervous but we managed to get through it without dropping any fans.

Another highlight of the day was the arrival of food! Lunch was as interesting and entertaining as the workshops themselves. Lots of practitioners sitting down, chatting, sharing experiences, making new friends and enjoying the delicious chinese buffet.

There was also a very well stocked shop, supplied by Tai Chi Link, where one could purchase anything from videos and training manuals to shoes and performance suits.

The attendance at this event was very good and everyone enjoyed themselves. The people of the Midlands were called to a festival and they came with vigour and gusto. They laughed, played and learned lots of new and exciting things together and the overall opinion was that the day had been a positively resounding success which we all hope will become an annual event.

Congratulations to TCUGB and particularly to Faye Yip Li and Ronnie Robinson for a most inspiring and successfulday. We will all look forward to next year’s event!

Nicola Drew-Smith
Deyin Taijiquan Institute, GB