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Irish Wushu Association: Chinese Duanwei System for Wushu Practitioners

Irish Wushu Association (IWA) Chinese Wushu Association (CWA) Presents:
Chinese Duanwei System for Wushu Practitioners

In December 2014, the Irish Wushu Association (IWA) became the official administrator for the Chinese Duanwei Grading System in Ireland (North and South). A technical committee was recruited from members of the IWA to establish and organise a series of Annual Duanwei Grading events in Ireland; the first of these events is planned to take place on 30th October 2015 in Belfast.

See the event listing for more details.

TCUGB 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Dan Docherty writes:

The tcugb was formed in 1991 by 9 instructors: Nigel Sutton, Gary Wragg, Ian Cameron, Linda Broda, John Hine, Ray Wilkie, Paul Crompton, Trevor Barry and me. This is our 25th anniversary therefore. Your EC as well as encouraging members to hold regional events, intends to hold a major festival of Chinese internal arts in Horsham, W Sussex on October 3-4 2015 followed by one day events in Manchester on Oct 10 and in London on October 11. There will be demos, group discussions, workshops and foreign guest instructors as well as tcugb instructors.

Details of the Horsham event, all MS word docx files:

AGM 2015 Minutes & Election of TCUGB Executive Committee

MINUTES_2015 Download the minutes.

Election of TCUGB Executive Committee
Following the nominations at the Annual General Meeting and the voting by members; the following appointments have been confirmed:

Dan Docherty – Chairman
Marnix Wells – Vice Chairman
Peter Ballam – Secretary
Faye Yip – Member
Gary Wragg – Member
Shelagh Grandpierre – Member
David Hackett – Member
Mark Peters – Member
Tony Ulatowski – Member

The above will be the members of the Executive for the coming year.


TCUGB – Nominations 2015

At the 2015 Annual General Meeting the following nominations were made for membership of the Executive Committee:

Dan Docherty (S Grade) Chairman
Marnix Wells (S Grade) Vice Chairman
Peter Ballam (S Grade) Secretary
David Hackett (A Grade)
Gary Wragg (S Grade)
Mark Peters (S Grade)
Faye Yip (S Grade)
Shelagh Grandpierre (S Grade)
Tony Ulatowski (A Grade)

Qualified members have until 31st May 2015 to vote on the election of the Executive. A Ballot Form to be used for voting can be downloaded BALLOT PAPER – 2015

8th London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

Booking is NOW OPEN for The 8th London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan which will take place on Sunday June 7th 2015.

There is an early-entry discount available until 1st May.
Booking closes on 15th May.

This event is open to competitors from any country and any major recognized style.
Clissold Leisure Centre
63 Clissold Road
London N16 9EX

– Further information, rules, photo galleries, printable entry form and online booking can be found at:
London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan

Events include Fixed Step and Moving Step Pushing Hands, Solo and Group Hand Forms, Solo and Group Weapons Forms and San Shou. There is a Junior division in Forms and Fixed Step and Moving Step Pushing Hands, for competitors up to the age of 16.
There are also categories for solo and group performance of Health Qigong forms: Health Qigong – Healthqigong

Please note also that, as every year, Judging Criteria Workshops will take place on the Saturday before the Competition (6th June). Leading experts will offer insights into the judging criteria for each major style of Tai Chi. If you are based in London or planning to stay over the weekend, please add this to your diary.
See: Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy London – Judging (This event is held at Wu’s Academy, Bethnal Green)

The View from the back of the Class now on Kindle

Union Instructor Mark Peters let us know his book Tai Chi Students Confessions: The View from the back of the Class has just been released on Kindle.

View From The Back Of The Class now available on Kindle. It’s been a long journey but at long last our first tai chi book is now available on Kindle. If you’re interested please search on Amazon or email for a sample chapter and index page.

We are now working on volume 2 (Tai Chi Up Close and Personal, more views form the back of the class) which will be available later this year and maybe even volume 3 not to long after that. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to contribute to the books. The theme is to share experiences from different perspectives (student, teacher and even partner) as we feel this brings tai chi into reality and within the reach of everyone. Our books are not form instruction or technical manuals, but a fun and interesting look at our tai chi journey and experiences. We’re looking for articles, poems, illustrations, both fun and serious, so everybody who’s life has been touched by tai chi has something to share.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain will be held on Saturday 18th April 2015 at Wu’s Academy Unit 2a, 1st Floor, 449-453, Bethnal Green Road, London E2 9QH commencing at 3.00pm (doors open at 2.30pm)for the following purpose:


  1. To read the Notice convening the Meeting.
  2. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting and any matters arising.
  3. To receive the Annual Report as required by the Constitution (Brief Finance Report attached).
  4. Nominations for Executive Committee members and Officers in accordance with the Constitution.

More detail in the pdf attached: 2015 agm notice which also includes the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the tai chi Union for Great Britain Held on 12th April 2014

Tutor – Tai Chi and Qigong Wanted Southend

Union Instructor Michael Baker has let us know he is stepping down from an adult education college tutor job at Southend Adult Community College (Essex) teaching tai chi and qigong. The college are recruiting a replacement tai chi and qigong tutor for September.

The recruitment link is:
TES HireWire

The college website: Southend Adult College

or telephone: 01702 445700

7th TCFE European Championships of Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Location: Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Pegasus Road, Oxford, OX4 6JL, England, UK

Date: April 10-12, 2015


  • Entry Deadline: March 13th, 2015
  • Entries may be made by email or post before the deadline. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.
  • Registration of non-UK competitors : April 10th at the venue 14-2100
  • Workshops : April 10th at the venue 14-2000
  • Registration of UK competitors : April 11th at the venue 0900
  • Protocol for Chinese full contact competitors 11th & 12th April at the venue. Details to follow.
  • Opening Ceremony 11th April, 1000hrs at the venue. Competition continues until 1800hrs.
  • 1930-2359 Party & Disco at venue@£18
  • April 12th 0900-1800 competition

For more details go to or mail

20th Tai Chi Caledonia takes place over the week of 17 – 24 July 2015


For the 20th year TAI CHI CALEDONIA are delighted to play host to the Taijiquan & Qigong Federation for Europe and bring their bi-annual Congress/Forum to Scotland, to celebrate our joint 20th Anniversaries.

7th TCFE European Championships of Chinese Internal Martial Arts

At Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre
Pegasus Road, Blackbird Leys, Oxford, OX4 6JL
April 11-12, 2015, 0900-1800 hours
ENTRIES – Only members of Chinese Internal martial arts groups which are in membership of the TCFE may enter this event. All entries must be received on or before March 13th, 2015; late entries will not be accepted.
COMPETITION WEBSITE with entry forms and rules will be up soon.
REGISTRATION for foreign competitors will take place at the venue on April 10th from 1400-2100. Only cash payments will be accepted. Details on entry form
REGISTRATION for UK based competitors will be on 11th April at 0900.
SEMINARS will take place on April 10th. There will be 4 seminars each lasting 1 and a half hours and each costing £10 from 1500-1900. Details will be posted on website.

Team GB smash it at the tai chi World Championships in Taiwan!

Sent by Emma North

Team Longfei GB represented Britain’s tai chi community at the World Tai Chi Chuan Federation’s 5th World Cup Tai Chi Chuan Championship, held in Taipei, Taiwan on the 18th & 19th October 2014.

The eight-member team brought home 15 gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze medals! Team coach, Barry McGinlay, led the way and we now have a British World Pushing Hands Champion!

The team were: Alex May, Alfia Nakipbekova, Barry McGinlay, Emma North, Helen Osborn, Lenroy Wallace, Mark Adams and Nikola Bojic.

Team Longfei GB would like to thank Masters Simon Watson, Richard Watson, Wang Yanji, Faye Yip, Tary Yip and Professor Li Deyin for their continuing, generous teachings from the lineage of Master Li Tianji.

Additionally, thanks go to sifu Stuart Verity from Integral Tai Chi and to all of our training colleagues, friends and families who supported us to make this happen. The medals are yours as well as ours!

Bodyhealth TAI CHI News

Terence Barnes, Disciple (Tudi) of Master Zhu Chang Hai is proud to announce the elevation, by examination in China, of Master Zhu to Grand Master 8th Level (8th Duan Wei) there being only nine Levels or Duan Wei in total.  This places him as only one of five 8th Duan Wei outside of China and only one of two 8th Duan Wei in Europe. 
My students and I send their congratulations to Grand Master Zhu Chang Hai on his elevation to this very high level.
Terence Barnes
Bodyhealth TAI CHI

Classes For Wheelchair Users?

Mary Reynolds, Information Officer, Sussex Rehabilitation Centre (Brighton) Sussex contacted us with this request:

I am trying to find information on teachers who offer classes for wheelchair users, particularly in the South East area, but anywhere in the UK will be useful.

If you offer class let me know and I’ll forward the message to Mary, John


Dear members,
The afore mentioned competition will take place from April 10-12 2015 at a venue near London.(I am finalising contracts and will have final details soon).
Entry forms website etc should be ready by early December 2014.
There has been an unavoidable delay to find a new organizer and an appropriate, reasonably priced venue since our friends in Latvia notified the Executive that they were unable to go ahead with the event. You will be notified as more info becomes available.
Please note that to run this event I had to cancel the 27th British Open Tai Chi Championships.

If there are any queries, please email:

First Aid for Martial Arts Instructors

Union Instructor Don Spargo sent us news of this unusual event. You can find out more in the events listing: First Aid For Martial Arts Instructors 11-10-2014 and read more on Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy First Aid for Martial Arts Teachers page.

Pushing Hands UK celebrates 5th birthday

This August bank holiday weekend players from around the UK and beyond will come together in Worcester for three days of workshops and free pushing in a friendly, safe and collaborative environment. Pushing Hands UK, established in 2009 will be celebrating its fifth birthday and is delighted to be welcoming back from Taiwan, Serge Dryer, founder of the Recontres Janières pushing hands event and Head of the ARAMIS association for teaching tai ji quan. The event will also include workshops from Laura Stone from the Netherlands, who brings 40 years’ experience and whose primary teacher is Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. Andrew Heckert from Philadelphia will also be teaching at the event, sharing his studies with both William Chen and Dr Ping-sung Tao. For more details and booking visit Pushing hands UK – Home

TCFE European Competition

Following an unexpected cancellation of the European Competition, due to be staged on behalf of the TCFE, in Latvia, due to local difficulties the TCFE Executive Committee contacted its members to find a solution to stage the competition elsewhere in Europe. 

Two bids were submitted and considered and the Executive Committee agreed that the best solution would be for Dan Docherty to stage the next TCFE competition in England during the latter months of 2014. As soon as the dates and venue are confirmed all members will be informed.

British Open Tai Chi Championship Results

Open Report and Results MS docx

Open Report and Results MS pdf

This was the 26th anniversary of the British Open Tai Chi competition which was held again in Oxford. With nearly 12 years experience of practising Wudang Tai Chi Chuan and earlier experience of assisting at competitions in Sweden, this however was my first expecience as a judge at the British Open competition in Oxford.

Someone who also experienced his first time as a judge was Michael Jacques, Dan Docherty’s first student from 1984. He had twice won the men’s heavyweight division more than 20 year ago.

The competition started with a performance by Michael Jacques who demonstrated the Five Elements and the Eight Powers of Tai Chi.

Then the competitions began and so didm y role as one of the three judges of hand form.Which was both very interesting and quite enjoyable. It was very nice to see all good competitors perform and I also found the different styles of Tai Chi quite interesting.

Apart from myself, among the competitors were some other foreigners like Paulo Salas Vazquez. He has competed in Spain but this was his first British Open competition. He participated in Open Forms and Open Weapon Form, Open Internal form, which led to several medals. I particularly enjoyed watching him perform some Ba gua.

Another first-comer was Consiglia Vicente, who has competed in France and prepared for other coming competitions. She participated in Hand form, Open Weapon form with Fan, saber and sword. Consiglia told me, in my humble opinion something very wise, while waiting for the results that: Even if you don’t win any medals, it is a great experience and opportunity to learn and improve. She’s already looking forward to return for the competitions next year.

Emma Akesson

Tai Chi Chuan and Oriental Arts Magazine No 45

Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts Magazine No 45 now in production!

We are now preparing the next issue of the Union’s magazine and the Editor welcomes contributions by way of articles, news items, reviews and adverts.

Please contact Ronnie Robinson