Total Tai Chi
by Mathew Rochford

Review Robin Scott MQ Publications ISBN: 1-84072-374-2

Subtitling a book as, "The only tai chi book you've ever need", is a bold statement and is, of course, an impossible task to fill.

It is difficult nowadays to ascertain who is practising tai chi as its popularity spreads to attract many people from all walks of life; some serious, some not so serious. For the serious, expereinced practitioner there is nothing new to learn within the pages of this beautifully presented, large format book, but for the new beginner, taking his or her first step forward (heel first, one hopes) there is much to gain here.

Total Tai Chi is clearly presented on high quality paper with excellent photographs and guidlines for practice. Opening with a basic history of the art, describing the main styles and how they are performed, Rochford goes on to discuss how it can be applied in the 21st century. He provides detailed descriptions on how to practice and provides more high quality images to illustrate sound postural advice. The form featured is the Cheng Man-Ching and any novice practitioners of this style could do a lot worse than following the large-format, full colour images that are included. Also included are a number of warm-up and selfmassage exercises and advice on finding a teacher; one final beef the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, the UK's largest Tai Chi Chuan assocattion, is not listed in the organisations to contact!
Robin Scott