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AGM Notice, the Minutes from 2019 AGM and the Accounts for 2019

Download the AGM Notice, the Minutes from 2019 AGM and the Accounts for 2019 in pdf format.

Changes to the board

We received many applications for positions on the TCUGB board, which was truly heart-warming to know so many people want to take an active part in its future development.

We have appointed four people and others have been asked to help and keep the momentum going. The list of board members can be seen on the executive committee page

Wild Colonial Boy: Tales of a Kung Fu Cop

A new book discussing the martial journey of Dan Docherty is now available for purchase on Amazon.
This autobiographical novel narrates the journey of Dan Docherty, a young Glasgow law graduate and karate black belt, who left his traditional Catholic family in 1975 to serve in the notoriously corrupt Royal Hong Kong Police. In Hong Kong, he learned Chinese language intensively, then drill, musketry and law. A famous Tai Chi master accepted him as a disciple and trained him to become an international full contact champion. In this book we’ll have a few beers with colourful characters like Big Don and Mountie Dave. We’ll visit exotic locales–Manila, Macao, Singapore We’ll witness Dan in full contact competition and in street fight action. As they say in the Hong Kong Police, “”If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined.

Research: Taiji and Qi Gong for people with Cystic Fibrosis

The level of research into Taiji and Qi Gong continues to grow, and evidence for the health benefits is now well established.

A groundbreaking research study involving Taiji and Qi Gong for people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF-CATS) was carried out by The Wu Shi Taiji Quan & Qi Gong Association in conjunction with the research team at London South Bank University.

Findings can be reviewed at:

Online classes during COVID – Survey results

The results are in for the recent survey and show that 75% of those responded have been  attending classes online during lockdown.
There are some interesting comments and shared learning from the survey not least of which is the change in the approach to teaching.
Download a copy in pdf: Survey monkey – covid classes.

Monkey Survey – classes going online

Based on comments from the Facebook groups, we though it could be helpful to gather some data/feedback with a quick 10 question survey. The findings can be posted on the TCUGB website and social media channels to help everyone.

AGM – live on zoom

With the ever changing landscape due to COVID-19, now seems the time to look to new technology and hold the AGM live online via zoom. Saturday 16th January 2021 at 11.00am. We may even share live in the closed TCUGB members group.

Changes to the board

Our long-standing Chairman, Dan Docherty has decided its the right time to hand over the baton, and Mark Peters has now been appointed as chair. Dan was instrumental in forming the TCUGB in 1991 and will still play an active part in its continued development.

We are also looking for new directors to join the board and help develop the TCUGB. Some members have already applied, which shows us there is interest in helping develop our future. Details for application can be found on this post: The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain C.I.C. is seeking to recruit new Directors from among the existing members Closing date 20th November..

Newsletter coming and web listings to be updated

All members will shortly be receiving an e-newsletter via mailchimp to give more details of some of the work going on behind the scenes during these difficult COVID times.

We’ve also had a chance to review members listings and note that a number of websites no longer exist, or are maybe not as relevant anymore. Plus a number of members have no grading shown, and a number shown as beginner are maybe due an upgrade.

One key change is we’re separating the listings into membership types of ‘whole art – heath & martial’ and ‘health only’ inline with our membership options. This will help when searching for classes and teachers.

Trademark statement

Some members will be aware of the dispute between the British Health Qigong Association and other members of the Qigong community, including several of our members, over the application to register the phrase “Health Qigong” as a trademark.
Please download and read our position statement regarding this, and our stance regarding trademarking going forwards.

TCUGB trademark statement PDF

The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain C.I.C. is seeking to recruit new Directors from among the existing members

Director recruitment

Closing date for Director applications is 20th
November 2020

The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain C.I.C. is seeking to recruit new Directors from among the existing members.

Candidates will need to be Senior or Advanced members and demonstrate a commitment to the aims and objectives of the Company.

Attached are some guidelines and the attributes that we are seeking in candidates.

We are particularly interested in candidates that can bring some experience and skill in areas of Public Relations/Promotion, I.T. and use of Social Media or Accounting.

If you know of any member that can meet the above criteria please encourage them to apply by submitting a brief Personal Statement setting out what they can bring to the role and a short C.V. to:

Qualities of Good Board Members

CIMPSA, TCUGB and BCCMA working together on the national standard

Tai Chi & Qigong for wellness.

A position statement from the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity, the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) and the Tai Chi & Qigong Union for Great Britain (TCUGB)

CIMSPA BCCMA TCUGB position statement V1.3 PDF

Covid 19 Advice Links

Executive Committee member Mark Peters gathered the current Government advice on sports and recreation which should be useful for members.

Guidance for providers of outdoor facilities on the phased return of sport and recreation in England – GOV.UK
Providers of grassroots sport and gym/leisure facilities – Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance – GOV.UK
Guidance for personal trainers and coaches on the phased return of sport and recreation in England – GOV.UK



We wish to inform members that three Directors; David Hackett, Gary Wragg and Faye Yip have resigned from the Board.

We wish to respect their privacy and confidentiality and so will not comment on their reasons for resigning.

We wish to thank them for the time, effort and commitment they have given to the TCUGB over their years of service.

The Board also wish to take this opportunity to reassure members that the TCUGB will not interfere with member’s legitimate commercial activities, and they can remain members, as long as there is no direct conflict with the founding principles, and stated aims of the TCUGB; for example, the filing of trade marks for terms already in use by other TCUGB members, is not acceptable.

At the moment, the Board of Directors comprises:
Dan Docherty, Shelagh Grandpierre, Marnix Wells, Peter Ballam, Mark Peters, Barry McGinlay and Tony Ulatowski.
the board proposes to fill the remaining posts, in due course, as we consider the changing needs of the organisation. Requirements for nominees to follow soon.

Tai Chi AV facebook


Following the death of friends and colleagues, Dan Docherty wanted to do something positive to fight the current pandemic so he, with the help of others, set up The Tai Chi Anti Virus group with the stated aim of sharing and investigating how the practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong may improve the health & fitness of the public so we are better able to fight the infection and make a speedy and full recovery should we be unfortunate enough to contract the virus.
When the TCUGB Directors saw the positive and thoughtful posts being added to the site we were pleased to become associated with the initiative and added our support.
Unfortunately in recent days the purpose of the site seems to have been subverted and many posts are now about the TCUGB and our stance on unrelated issues.
It is with great regret and sadness that the TCUGB Board have decided that our continued involvement is detrimental to the good work that was being achieved by the site and so it is in the best interests of the group that we withdraw our involvement so the group can return to the original purpose.
We wish Dan and all those making a positive contribution to the group the very best for the future and hope the recent exchanges have not deterred those members who have been so supportive of the original aims from further support.
On behalf of the Board of the TCUGB

The tai chi and qigong national standard

Here is the consultation survey link Professional standard consultation – Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher Survey.

As a member of tcugb, this is your opportunity to share your thoughts and help develop the national standard.
Attached are two documents to help TCUGB members see the draft of the tai chi and qigong national standard that the union have been working on with CIMSPA.

CIMSPA PS Tai Chi and Qigong Teacher July 2020 (002)

CIMSPA PS Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher PDC consultation response July 2020

The Journal for the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

A message from the Editor, Dr. Mark J. Langweiler

To the members of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain,

First, thank you for being part of this long standing and significant organisation. As you are aware, the TCUGB is the umbrella organisation for tai chi and qi gong practitioners throughout the United Kingdom and has an important voice in advancing these treasured and beautiful arts.

As part of the benefits of membership, all members receive our Journal for the Tai Chi Union. Currently, the Journal comes out three time a year. But in order for this to continue, there is always a need for practicing members to contribute articles on a variety of subjects from tai chi and qigong practice, history, philosophy, martial and health-related concerns or even personal reflections. There has been a noticeable slump recently with contributions from our UK membership in articles for our magazine. The result has been more submissions from overseas. As the editor of the Journal, I would like to invite members to contact me with either something they have written or ideas for an article that they would like to have considered.

Additionally, the ‘Meet the Instructor’ column will be re-introduced. If you would like to be included, again, please contact me and we will make arrangements for an interview.

Your energy and input can truly reflect the vibrancy of TCUGB practitioners in our future magazine issues.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Mark J. Langweiler, DC, DAAPM
Editor- The Journal for the Tai Chi
Union of Great Britain