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TCUGB Regional Officers Wanted

Are you interested in helping to connect members locally?

Help build the Union?

We’re looking at how to improve communications further, and would like to identify regional officers to act as hub points/contacts. They can help connect members and potential members in their area, maybe help with technical panel recommendations, be involved with regional events in the future etc.

Current regions, as used on Union Instructors page, are:

  • London/South East
  • South & West
  • Eastern Counties
  • Midlands
  • North
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Channel Islands

We will need more officers in some regions and are happy to add additional regions as needed. If this is something that appeals to you, please let the Chairman know.

Tai Chi Caledonia

Tai Chi Caledonia is a world class Tai Chi event held annually in Stirling, Scotland. 2020 was to be it’s 25th anniversary but of course COVID-19 put a stop to all that. Instead the teacher lineup for that year, from all over the world, chose to donate their time for free to bring Tai Chi and Qigong online for all to benefit.

The same is due to happen again starting this Saturday 10th July 2021

TCC-Online Zoom Programme-2021

The sessions will be recorded and available on and also on the FB page.

More information on the Tai Chi Caledonia site:

Joining Instructions for the 2021 Zoom Workshops

2021 Zoom Programme


National Qigong Association celebrate their 25th anniversary

Thursday the 8th of July see’s the National Qigong Association celebrate their 25th anniversary – and to mark the occasion they are offering an open invitation to a special zoom conversation with two of its founders, and modern day Qigong pioneers; Dr Roger Jahnke and Jim MacRichie.

The USA based association is an umbrella organisation that seeks to bring together qigong practitioners of all styles, systems and lineages, and Thursday’s ‘Qi-Talk’ will have a focus on the past, present and future of Qigong. To register for the talk please visit

June Newsletter

link to newsletter The latest issue of the newsletter has been sent to all members, you can read an extended version here: TCUGB-Newsletter-June-2021

The newletter includes information about Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts magazine No 62
The magazine will be posted on the new dedicated magazine website, and a reminder will be published in the monthly newsletter. Visit and click the cover image of the issue you want to read. More issues will be added over time.


The CORONAVIRUS (COVID – 19) information on the site has been updated, the roadmaps for England and Scotland along with Return to Outdoor Activities Duty of Care & Risk Assessment and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q) documents.

New Health Committee FB page – including COVID guidelines

As the new health committee continues to develop its work, Tina has setup a facebook page to share latest COVID guidelines etc. and can be found at TCUGB Health Committee on FaceBook

Plus the Union website COVID page which is currently being updated with risk assessments, guidelines, PAR Q forms etc.

How to start your qigong journey

Member Sue Dunham set us some advice:

If you’re here then qigong (pronounced chee gung) has probably already come onto your radar. You may want to start trying it NOW. Read on before leaping into action!

For avoidance of doubt, the simplest translation of qigong is energy work. A more helpful ‘translation’ might be Chinese exercise for health. It’s less known than the more popular Tai Chi Chuan (a martial art) but qigong is something that you could consider if your primary interest is in health, mental or physical.

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TCUGB membership payments & renewals

We are moving the accounting operation on to a new cloud based system that, in time, will include a number of options to simplify the renewal process.

Any member with a renewal date from April onwards will start to receive an email reminder 30 days before the due date, so the first reminders will start to be received in March.

The email will come from Quickbooks but will have been copied to the treasurers email address so Aileen knows it has gone out and she can expect to see a payment!

As you can appreciate this has been a major task as 1200 plus records have had to set up. Every effort has been made to minimise any errors and we hope you will bear with us, and when you receive your reminder, let us know if any information is incorrect
Best regards
On behalf of the board of TCUGB

Progress on the CIMSPA Tai Chi and Qigong Technical Standards

From Mark Peters:

Many thanks to all who have contributed feedback during the consultation process. This has been used to make relevant changes to the standards, which are due for completion by the end of January – final drafts will then go to CIMSPA for publication.
This documents is intended to give a clearer picture on the purpose and scope of the tai chi and qigong technical standards

Progress on CIMSPA tai chi and qigong technical standards Jan2021

AGM Notice, the Minutes from 2019 AGM and the Accounts for 2019

Download the AGM Notice, the Minutes from 2019 AGM and the Accounts for 2019 in pdf format.

Changes to the board

We received many applications for positions on the TCUGB board, which was truly heart-warming to know so many people want to take an active part in its future development.

We have appointed four people and others have been asked to help and keep the momentum going. The list of board members can be seen on the executive committee page

Wild Colonial Boy: Tales of a Kung Fu Cop

A new book discussing the martial journey of Dan Docherty is now available for purchase on Amazon.
This autobiographical novel narrates the journey of Dan Docherty, a young Glasgow law graduate and karate black belt, who left his traditional Catholic family in 1975 to serve in the notoriously corrupt Royal Hong Kong Police. In Hong Kong, he learned Chinese language intensively, then drill, musketry and law. A famous Tai Chi master accepted him as a disciple and trained him to become an international full contact champion. In this book we’ll have a few beers with colourful characters like Big Don and Mountie Dave. We’ll visit exotic locales–Manila, Macao, Singapore We’ll witness Dan in full contact competition and in street fight action. As they say in the Hong Kong Police, “”If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined.