32 Step Taiji Sword Training Weekend

Event Details

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th March 2018 Both days 10.00am-4.00pm
32 Step Taiji Sword Training Weekend
Master Tary Yip

This weekends training sessions will be focused on the study and teaching of the 32 Step Taiji Sword Form and will be taught by Master Tary Yip who is one of Europes leading teachers.

This is a an excellent opportunity to learn, refresh and understand the Charateristics, Principles and Inner Essence of one of the most practised Tai Chi Sword Routines. The 32 step Yang Style Sword routine is a short version of the traditional routine, structured by Master Faye Yip’s great uncle Grand master Li Tian Ji. in the last 60 years this routine has become the most learnt and practised Yang style sword in the world.

This weekend is the first module of the Level 2 Instructor Course, which is designed for aspiring Level 1 instructors. However any Deyin member with some sword experience who wishes to attend this module (or any other of the Level 2 modules) in order to improve their skills and understanding is most welcome.

If you are not a member and have a strong desire to attend this module, membership is only £20 per year. Find out more on our membership page

Information on prices and booking for this module is on the Level 2 Instructor Course page. The registration form can be found on the Deyin webite www.deyin-taiji.com