5 Elements Qigong – 2nd Set – 24-09-17

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Instructors: David Pelling & Helena Kean

Holiday Inn, Pendle Way, Burnley, Lancs, BB12 0TJ

This workshop will explore one of the many Wu Xing or 5 Elements Qigong sets. It is one of 3 taught by Lighthouse Tai Chi.

We will focus on the 5 Element characteristics and their associated organs; stimulating the Qi flow to balance and regulate the organs, to promote health and wellbeing. This set emphasizes the Earth Element as the centre of the 5 Elements and the returning point for Qi.

The Five Elements Theory is deeply woven into the fabric of Chinese philosophies and culture and represents the foundation of Chinese disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, feng shui, various martial arts, and the I Ching (The Book of Changes).

1pm – 5pm

£35 for bookings before 24th August- includes student pack, teas, coffee, biscuits & fruit.
£40 if you book after 24th August

Advanced booking only.
T&C apply. See event website
Please contact the hotel direct for a room rate quoting ‘Lighthouse Tai Chi’ We recommend you request a quiet room at the front of the hotel.

Free pick up and drop off at Burnley bus and railways stations are offered if you request in advance.

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