Breathing Workshop for Health & Well-Being

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01-12-19 Burnley

Instructor: Helena Kean

An introductory workshop on breathing techniques to boost your health, aid relaxation and improve your Wellbeing. Learning to control your breathing can also help you to stay more focused and calm. Using techniques from classical bel canto, qigong and meditation, this workshop aims to introduce skills and tools to improve breathing and mindfulness. (no singing involved)

Taught by Lighthouse Qigong® instructors David, who has over 26 years of training and study of qigong and Helena, who has 14 years qigong experience and is a retired professional opera singer with a Masters degree in music performance. Helena is also the founder of Voice Workshops, working in the corporate sector to help people improve their presentation skills and advance their careers.

£35 per person before 15th November. £40 after.

Advance booking only – booking forms available by email or private message.
Payments accepted by bank transfer, cheque in the post or by card via PayPal – please ask us for details.

T&Cs on the website link
Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil and a bottle of water
Participation in this workshop is at your own risk and is not suitable for people with asthma, heath problems, COPD or other serious breathing conditions

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