Chen Taiji Cannon Fist London Workshops with Shifu Liu

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This event finished on 29 June 2019

22 June – Cannon Fist Form 29 June – Cannon Fist Martial applications

Double workshop: Chen Taiji Cannon Fist with Shifu Liu Quanjun
Shifu Liu will be teaching Chen Laojia Er Lu (Old Frame 2) know as ‘Cannon Fist’ due to the fast pace and ‘fajin’ actions of the movements, over two workshops.

22 June – Cannon Fist Form • 29 June – Cannon Fist Martial applications

Times: 13:30 to 17:30
Shifu Liu will take an in depth look at Loajia Er Lu, the Second Old Frame, known as the Cannon Fist of Chen style Taijiquan. It has 45 movements, and is the dynamic counterpart to Laojia Yi Lu (Old Frame 1), the Yang to the Yin and the two forms practised together harmonise the body’s Yin and Yang.
The first workshop will focus on the movements and corrections to posture, in the second workshop Shifu Liu will work on the routine with the martial applications.
Cannon Fist is a vigorous routine suitable for those with some Chen style experience.

Workshop Fees Paid in advance:
Two Days: £95 TJC Members, £125 Non-Members
One Day: £50 TJC Members, £65 Non-members, (on Eventbrite booking until 22 June)
Drop-in Fee: £55 Members, £70 Non-members (cash or cheque only)
Please notify us by email if you plan to attend.


Venue: St Paul’s Church Hall, Top end of Camden Square, London, NW1 9XG

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