Children’s Curriculum Tai Chi

Event Details

Instructor: Tony Ulatowski

Berrymede Primary school W3 8RN

Tai Chi in curriculum school time, connecting with 260 primary school children per week.

My inspiration has been the written feedback from the teachers and pupils on the benefits that they are seeing, feeling and using from what they have learned in class. And how the positive behaviour has spread into other areas of their life.

34 of these primary school students, from two schools, have also competed in fixed step and moving step push hands at the British open and the London championships 2015/16. Along with 2 inter-schools competitions.

I am now ready to share my experiences.

The workshop will cover

HOW: to approach schools
WHY: I deliver 2 styles
HOW: CCTC fits the national PE curriculum
WHERE: mindfulness is applied
HOW: physical literacy is used
WHEN: to cover anger
HOW: to deliver non-competitive push hands patterns
WHAT: langue to use and which areas to target
HOW: emotional intelligence is applied
AND: so much more on the subject to share


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Event Phone Number: 07956362743