Chinese New Year Celebration 2018

Event Details

Sunday 25.02.2018 – from 1 pm till 4 pm

Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi (BLFTC) is celebrating the Chinese New Year with demonstration and participation in tai chi, qigong and mini-workshops.

West Camel Village Hall, Somerset, just off A303 – postcode: BA22 7QX

Entrance fee £5- children Free – all proceeds of the day going to charity. This year’s charity ‘CRPS’ (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – the damage of nerve endings from injury, with no current cure).

Visiting tai chi and qigong guest to Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi celebration 2018:
Mrs Men X. Bao – Founder of our club
Angus Clark – ‘Living Movements’
Tim Prescott – ‘Eight Waves, School of Martial Arts’
John Peel – ‘South Dorset Tai Chi’
Jane Robinson
Richard Bertschinger
Shirley Wilson – ‘Infinite Tai Chi’


  1. Participation by all, warm up exercises lead by Jane Robinson, who will take us all through her lovely relaxing warm up sequence to start off our Chinese New Year celebration event.
  2. Participation by all, with Richard Bertschinger taking us through the 20 moves of the Winter Brocade qigong as taught by Gia-Fu Feng ( and give us information on this lovely sequence.
  3. Participation by all, lead by Mrs Bao of her beginners 10 tai chi forms sequence which she created for her students in 1992.
  4. Demonstration/participation of the Standard 24 tai chi forms by all who know it, this sequence was created by the famous Li Tianji (Lung Fei) from which our club gets it’s name.
  5. Standard 24 tai chi forms from a new perspective with John Peel.
  6. Demonstration of Kung Fu Fan by Tim Prescott, followed by demonstration of some of the martial arts applications found in Kung Fu Fan.
  7. Demonstration of tai chi sword and San Shou by Angus Clark.
  8. Participation by all with Mrs Bao taking us through qigong moves, an ancient set of qigong which she learnt in China during one of her many visits to her home country.
  9. Participation by all with Angus Clark taking us through a mini workshop on ‘Tai Chi Essence’.
  10. Demonstration of Infinite tai Chi by Shirley Wilson and giving us inform on her style of tai chi as taught by Jason Chuan.
  11. Participation by all in ‘Fisherman’s Routine Qigong’ lead by Tim Prescott.
  12. Demonstration of tai chi sabre, also known as the broad sword, by Tim Prescott.
  13. Results of Silent Charity Raffle.

*Tea/Coffee/Biscuits – Silent Charity raffle – with all proceeds, including entrance fee, going to ‘CRPS’ charity fund.

*For more information call Zabeth on 07747 616166 or email