Chinese Swordfighting Seminar With Scott Rodell

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24-05-19 – 26-05-19 Leeds

Instructor: Scott M Rodell (Great River Taoist Centre USA)

Chinese Swordfighting with Scott M Rodell Laoshi: One of the worlds most respected Chinese Sword teachers, Scott M Rodell returns again to Leeds to provide a whole weekend of practical Chinese Sword instruction.

Scott’s swordwork comes from the Yang Family Michuan Tai Chi System but the simple, practical nature transcends styles with practitioners of different arts regularly attending to improve their skills.

The weekend includes Friday Evening through to Sunday evening and will involve drilling basic cuts and techniques, working with partners to understand the applications and free sparring to test your newly learned skills.
This is not flashy form work with no practical application, this is real Historical Chinese fencing and a unique opportunity to delve deeper into Chinese Swordfighting.

A heavy wooden training sword will be needed, some will be available to borrow for new attendees, returning students will be expected to have their own training equipment. Please bring safety glasses as a minimum. Book via weblink.

Hosted by Paul Andrews TCUGB Advanced Instructor and head of Xing Yi Academy. For more information or if you would like to attend an introductory Chinese sword session with Paul please email

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