Da Bei qigong with shifu Liu Quanjun

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Instructor: shifu Liu Quanjun

Event Location: St Michael’s Parish Centre 206 Finaghy Road North, Belfast BT11 9EG Northern Ireland

Shifu Liu first introduced Da Bei Qi Gong to the UK, and at the Belfast seminar he will teach the 18 movement form. The meditative focus is on the movements, respiration, mind and will, so that the qi circulates smoothly during the practice.

Da Bei Qi Gong was compiled in the early 20th century (from older qi gong sets) by famous Shaolin Monk, Hai Deng, Fa Shi (above left), then passed on and combined with Tibetan Lama Qi Gong techniques by Ji Pu, Da Bei Fa Shi, (above right), who was Master Liu’s qi gong master in Xinjiang Province, China. Its method, with the Buddhist principle of compassion at its heart, it is linked to the Yi Jin Jing, the ancient Shaolin internal qi gong exercise to strengthen sinews and tendons. Da Bei Qi Gong has several different types of practice, including the use of healing sounds.

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