Health Qigong Masters Seminar 2018

Event Details

Saturday -Sunday 9am-4pm
25th-26th August 2018

The British Health Qigong Association are pleased to be hosting this years 3rd European Health Games for the first time in the UK. A special weekend has now been arranged to train with visiting Health Qigong Masters and Professors from China sharing their expertise and knowledge in various health Qigong routines.

The two day training course will cover Yi Jin Jing / Muscle and Tendons changing Classics, Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Fa / Health Presevation 12 methods and Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang / Tai Ji Health Stick exercises. the Professors and masters will explore the unique characteristics of the sets, their health benefits and relationships to Chinese medicine, energy Channels and meridians.

The weekend seminar is a rare opportunity to train with the masters and welcomes Both Tai Chi & Qigong enthusiasts of all levels and disciplines.Places for this weekend event are very limited. Early booking is recommended

Yi Jin Jing – £200.00 (2 Days)
Tai Ji Stick – £100.00
Daoyin 12 Methods – £100.00
Daoyin 12 method & Tai Ji Stick – £200.00

For access to the registration form Please visit Qigong in Telford with the BHQA (British Health Qigong Association, UK)

For more information and booking
E mail
Telephone no 07779 582940