Introduction to Biospirals Qigong

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23-02-20 Dorking

Instructor: Caroline Williams

Workshop: Introduction to the Biospirals Method of Qigong
Covering: the first static & dynamic sequences, which will incorporate breath work, body movement, spinal health and understanding the central axis.
Along with access to supplementary worksheets and videos that will allow you to practice at your own pace in your own time.
There will also be the opportunity to regularly attend further classes and workshops to deepen your practice and help guide and support your Biospirals Qigong journey.

Biospirals Qigong uses gentle, repetitive, spiraling movements to ease tension and bring the mind, body and spirit to a place of relaxation and harmony.
The Method can deeply benefit the body and mind by coordinating breathing and movement to stimulate the major organs, increase the circulation of blood and release tension held in the spine, joints, muscles, and the soft connective fascial tissues of the whole body.
Regular practice of the Biospirals Method can ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. It can improve balance, posture, coordination and vitality.

The Method is open to all abilities – movements can be carried out in a seated position if necessary.

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Biospirals Qigong – February Workshop – Internity

Event Phone Number: 07919102332