National Health Qigong Instructors Course 2018

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Master Faye Yip, Master Tary Yip, Professor Yu Ding Hai and guest instructors from the Chinese Health Qigong Association (China)

The British Health Qigong Association is hosting its 9th National Health Qigong Instructors Course offering the chance for people to attend and train to become Health Qigong instructors joining an increasing team of successful Health Qigong Instructors. The course is open to Qigong enthusiasts,Tai Chi instructors and Health proffessionals wishing to learn to teach health Qigong routines.

The Instructor Courses will consist of lectures with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focus, workshops from a five element perspective, intensive Qigong sessions, practical demonstrations, discussion forums and much more. We are sure that you will find the programme as exciting as we do!

The course consists of two 4 day courses
24th-27th May 2018-Option A ( one form to be chosen)
Yi Jin Jing ( Muscle and Tendons Changing Classics)
Wu Xin Qi ( Five Animal Frolics)

28th May-31st May 2018-Option B (one form to be chosen)
Ma Wang Dui Daoyin Shu ( Ma Wang Dui Health Qigong) )
Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang (Taiji Health Preservation Stick)

The course will take place at
Chinese Culture Centre
Unit E4 Stafford Park 15

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