Sun Style Taijiquan Training Weekend

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Saturday 27th April 2019 -Sun Style Taijiquan 13 Step Form
Sunday 28th April 2019-Sun Style Taijiquan 38 Step Form

Both days 10.00am-4.00pm

Sun Style Taijiquan Training Weekend
Master Tary Yip
Sun Style Training Weekend

The weekend training seminar is devoted to the teaching of Traditional Sun Style Taijiquan, and will be focusing on the 13 & 38 Step Forms
Sun Style practitioners and enthusiasts of all levels are most welcome to come to the seminar and enjoy a weekend of excellent teaching.

The weekend seminar will be taught by Master Tary Yip who is 4th generation lineage bearer of Sun Style Taijiquan. He is a respected Tai Chi & Qigong master who teaches in Europe.

Sun Style Taijiquan is an internal martial art combining characteristics from Xingyiquan, Bagua Zhang and Taijiquan. As a style of Taijiquan, Sun Style stresses the importance of the internal aspect: using mind to lead qi and qi to lead the body movements. It was created by Great Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, one of China’s most prominent Martial Arts Masters in recent Chinese History. He was also a highly accomplished Xing Yi and Bagua Master. As the most senior student of Sun Lu Tang, Master Faye’s great grand father Grand Master Li Yu Lin was one of the main disciples assisting and representing Sun in his teaching.

Deyin instructors who have previously been assessed in either the 13 or 38 step styles will have the opportunity to revalidate their forms if they need to. Revalidations will take place immediately after the workshops on both days.
Deyin Members / Instructors: One Day – £55, Both Days – £100
Non Members: One Day – £70, Both Days – £125
Instructor Revalidation: One Form – £25, Both Forms – £35
Please note that only Deyin Instructors who have previously been assessed are eligible for revalidation.

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