Tai Chi in the City – next beginners’ intake

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12-09-2019 Worcester

Instructor: Dr Marc Price

Learn a pure and authentic tai chi and qigong system that was developed and brought to the West by a Doctor of Western medicine, (who also happened to be a genuine tai chi Master). Experience the profound benefits that can be achieved. Improve your posture, clear your mind, boost your energy, and have fun too!

Classes consist of the Taijiwuxigong qigong exercises and the Taiji37 style tai chi chuan (taijiquan) form. Taijiwuxigong is a set of exercises involving movement, breath, sound, and meditation, that gently liberate the mind and body of tension. The Taiji37 taijiquan form is a short sequence of expansive postures that originates from the ‘Nanpai’ tradition.

Contact us ahead of the class to reserve a space.

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