Tai Chi Instructors Course Level 2

Event Details

This event finished on 22 July 2018

Dates 3rd-4th March/12th-13th May/21st -22nd July/22nd-23rdSept 2018 Training Times 10.00-4.00pm

The Level 2 Tai Chi Instructor course organised by Deyin Taijiquan Institute GB is a great opportunity for Level 1 Deyin instructors to continue their own personal development learning more advanced Tai Chi forms, and improving their knowledge on theories,and principles related to Tai Chi.
This course is sutable for Level 1 instructors who would like to take their Tai Chi learning and standard up to the next level. Level 2 instructors can also take this course a good refresher to re-enforce their practice and understanding.

Non-instructor members may also take this course to help consolidate their own practice, extend their knowledge and reap the maximum benefit Tai Chi offers in terms of health and wellbeing. Please note that instructor certificates cannot be awarded to participants who have not already qualified as Level 1 instructors.

Deyin Instructors who have already done some of the level 2 modules. They can take on individual modules not taken before to complete the course and reach the standard required for level 2.

The course consists of 4 modules over 4 weekends, in the
Training Dates:
Module 1 – Yang Style 32 Step Tai Chi Sword
3rd / 4th March 2018
Module 2 – Sun Style 38 Step Tai Chi Hand Form
12th / 13th May 2018
Module 3 – Basic Push Hand and 24 Step applications
21st / 22nd July 2018
Module 4 – Tai Chi Theories – 10 Essentials, 13 Songs and Study of Tai Chi Treatise
22nd / 23rd Sept 20

For more information including fees and how to book. Please visit Tai Chi in Telford with the Deyin Taijiquan Institute (UK)