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Instructors: Jean and Dave Haines

Bolton Low Houses Village Hall CA78BP

A Deepening into Patrick Kelly’s Internal system of T’ai Chi.

It is said in Taiji there are no secrets, only things too small to be seen. This systematic training method teaches the timing of what, when and where to listen in the body. Intention and deep awareness are developed simultaneously, the mind naturally focused internally, absorbed within the moment quietly tracking sensation, This practice takes us from outer awareness into an ever deepening internal process.

The workshop is co- taught by Jean and Dave Haines; long time students & instructors of Patrick Kelly a senior student of Master Huang Sheng Shyan, a senior student of Grand Master Cheng Man Ch’ing.

Loosening Exercises- Long Form-Short Form- Quick fist- Fixed Pattern Pushing Hands- Meditation

Each workshop has a specific focus that investigates how to perceive, apply, deepen and refine:

Internal sensations of joint changes, muscle changes (contract, relax, stretch and unstretch), the subtle pressures and forces, and the energy field.

We explore through the Loosening Exercises, Forms, Fixed Patterns and Applications, how these internal processes, combined with a deepening intention, generate a profoundly relaxed, elastic T’ai Chi body, and calmly focused mind state, so valuable in everyday life.

Choreography, refinement and applications of the Fixed Pattern Pushing Hands.

These workshops are suitable for people with some T’ai Chi experience.

Cost £50

Region: North

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