Taiji Kung Fu Fan Monthly Workshop

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This event finished on 07 December 2019

03-08-19 Cheam

Main Instructor: Vicky Ahern-Hardiman

Monthly Fan Workshop with Vicky.
Cost £15 per person.
Booking is essential please.

Taiji Kung Fu Fan 52 Form created by Prof Li Deyin, is a modern & exciting way to get fit, improve your health, suppleness & mind/body connection. This form combines elements of various styles of Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Peking Opera & can be performed to the authentic, uplifting music. Sessions include development in Qigong for Focus, Relaxation, Strength & Suppleness.

Vicky was one of the first qualified Instructors in this form by Master Faye Yip of Deyin Taijiquan Institute in 2008 & has been enjoying this practice ever since.

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Event Phone Number: 07939 553379