Taiji workshop

Event Details

12/10/18 to 14/10/18

Main Instructor WEE KEE JIN

Partick burgh halls 9 Burgh Hall St, Glasgow, G11 5LW

Wee Kee-Jin is the principal instructor at the Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium.He is internationally recognised as a senior instructor of the Huang Sheng-Shyan system and is in ongoing demand by schools and associations in Europe and Australia. Twice a year Jin gives workshops in England, Holland, Germany, Austria, Norway and Denmark, plus every few months he crosses the Tasman to Brisbane, Australia. The workshop is open to all styles. Wee Kee Jins understanding of the taiji principles are exceptional and will help develop your understanding of taiji. Considering himself a lifetime student of Taiji, Wee Kee-Jin appreciates that personally living and training with Grandmaster Huang full time for four years, was an opportunity denied to thousands of his co-students. Only four other people ever had the privilege. Check out Tàijíquán School of Central Equilibrium – Scotland

Event Phone Number 07734841699