The Taiji of Sam Tam

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22/6/19 and 23/6/19 Rowley Regis

Instructor: Torben Bremann

2 days = (two blocks per day) £180 (pre booking only)
2 blocks = £100
1 block = £60


Torben has spent many years learning this system and brings a wealth of experience to the workshop.

Additionally he has trained for years in the Master Huang system and is perfectly positioned how to teach from both perspectives.

“The workshop is divided into blocks of 3 hours, covering different topics. You can sign up for one block, more blocks – or the whole workshop which of course is the best choice:

Standing Meditation and Soaring Crane Qi Gong:
Standing Meditation is the cornerstone in many styles – and in the system of master Sam Tam it is the foundation. We will focus on the right structure, breathing, visualization and more and you will be presented for different approaches and what to aim for at different levels in your progress.
The Soaring Crane Qi Gong is a part of the system of master Sam Tam, and every set focus and develops specific areas, which is of outmost importance to get the full benefit from Standing Meditation. You will learn a part of one of the set´s, so you can include it in your own practice after the workshop.

Master Sam Tam´s Taijiform:
In this block you will get a chance to learn some of master Sam Tam´s Taijiform. The “engine” is quite different to the way most people normally do the Form (heavily rooted), and the focus is on lightness, sinking the Qi, shifting and more. Apart from the Form you will learn a stepping exercise which is very beneficial and at the same time is the foundation for how we step in the Form. Partner exercises might be included.

These two blocks focus on partner exercises and pushhands. You will be taught the basic single- and double pushhands patterns which are fundamental in the system of master Sam Tam. You will learn specific yielding exercises and be introduced to basic bouncing exercise(s) (releasing of internal force). The main focus in the two blocks will be on yielding, sticking and sensing,

The workshop is open for everyone – from beginner to experienced, from bodyworker to martial artist and more – since the level of the workshop will be suited in accordance with the level of the participants.”

Being the most senior and experienced student of Master Sam Tam in Europe, he will on request from his teacher make it accessible to a larger audience, apart from the private tuition for students from abroad he runs continuously over the year in Denmark.

Torben teaches completely openly, based on the desires of his students and their needs, focusing on the internal work.
If it is your goal to apply Taiji for its original purpose – to develop physical, mental, and energetic qualities useful for martial and civil skills – then this workshop is for you.

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