Three day Tai Chi Chuan Residential Course in Kent

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23-08-19 – 25-08-19 Kent

Instructor: Sifu Don Spargo

The 3 day residential course will allow novice and experienced players to immerse themselves in the subject of Wu’s style Tai Chi Chuan and thereby accomplish the learning or refinement of skills that would take much longer in routine classes.

It aims to offer existing Tai Chi players the opportunity to deepen their practice of the art unfettered by the distractions of everyday life in and around the home or at work.

For the novice or inexperienced practitioner it is an opportunity for an intensive introduction to the art of Wu’s style Tai Chi Chuan, and therefore a depth of experience that would take much longer to gain by attending normal weekly classes.

The deeper aim of the course is to enjoy sharing revitalising exercise with others in the beautiful surroundings of the Cudham Environmental Activities Centre, and to return home refreshed and reinvigorated from the weekend away. The course costs £175 for full board and tuition.
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