Wei Shu Ren’s Lao Liu Lu Yang Style Nei Gong form

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17/02/2019 Leigh

Instructor Alan McDonnell

Flex Gym Bridgewater Street, Leigh,WN7 4HB

​Nei Gong is the Taoist art of cultivating internal power, the Chinese characters 內功 can be translated as internal skill.
Nei Gong is the root of internal martial arts such as Taijiquan, Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan.
Incorporated in the levels of Nei Gong practice are Qi Gong energy work, Yi Gong mind work and Shen Gong spiritual work.
In the practice of Qi Gong we learn to perceive, gather, concentrate and enhance the flow of Qi. We use Yi Gong practice to concentrate, lead and emit Qi. Shen Gong practice gives the practitioner the ability to manifest and master Qi.

Alan is a student of Sigung (Grand Master) Fa Da Chan, Professor Zhang Xiumu, Master Zhang Suisheng and Professor Li De Yin.

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