Wudang 9 Step Taijiquan

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Wudang 9 Step Taijiquan with Master Chen Lisheng, 15th generation disciple of Wudang Xuanwu.  The President of the Wudang Taoist Wuji Kungfu Academy.

Scotstoun Leisure Centre, Danes Drive, Glasgow, G14 9HD

A fundamental form that is the foundation of all Wudang Taijiquan routines. It incorporates Wuji standing and Taiji ball holding, the interchange of yin and yang and the prime Eight Movements (Ba Fa) of Taijiquan. This art focuses on the body, spirit, mind, Qi and strength. It reflects the theory that man/woman is an integral part of nature. The Wudang 9 Step Taijiquan is a dynamic martial art routine for health cultivation and prolonging life.

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