Xing Yi 5 Elements Linking Fists and Duo Practice

Event Details

Sunday March 11th 2018 10.00am-1.00pm

Master Tary Yip

Xing Yi Quan is one of the three major internal Martials Arts, namely Xing Yi Ba Gua & Tai Chi. the history of Xing Yi Quan dates back to Ming dynasty, more than 300 hundred years ago.

This workshop welcomes both enthusiasts of Xingyi and diffferent disciplines with no experience needed. The training session will be taught by Master Tary Yip.

Master Tary Yip who is one of the lineage bearers of Hebei style Xing Yi Quan in Europe, will explore with practitioners the 5 element Linking fists and two people practice. The five element fists consist of Chopping, Crushing, Drilling, Pounding & Crossing fists.
These five element forms also closely related to the 5 elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth in turn affecting the major organs in our body. practicing these five forms well not only help practitioner develop dynamic physical & internal power, but also boost energy level in the body and improve health.

The fees for this workshop are as follows

Deyin Member: £28.00
Non Members: £35.00

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For more information and to book a place on this workshop Please visit wwwTai Chi in Telford with the Deyin Taijiquan Institute (UK)