Xing Yi Quan & Push Hands Refresher

Event Details

Master Tary Yip

In this second day of a great training weekend. This is another opportunity for all Tai Chi & Martial Arts enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy a training day learning and practicing the arts of Xing Yi Quan & Pushing Hands. The training day will be taught by Master Tary Yip and will be split into two parts.

Xing Yi Quan 10.00-12.30pm
Xing Yi Quan is one of the three major internal Martial Arts along with Ba Gua and Tai Chi. Xing Yi Quan is commonly referred to as Form and Mind boxing. In this morning session Master Tary Yip will be teaching and exploring further the five element fists form. The five element fists form consists of Chopping,Crushing, Drilling, Pounding and Crossing Fists. The five element fists form is related to the five elements -Metal,Wood,Water,Fire & Earth

Pushing Hands -1.30pm-4.00pm
The practice of pushing hands is a great way for two people to practice and feel the relaxation and yeilding element of the practice of Tai Chi. Relaxation being an important part and principle in Tai Chi In this afternoon session Master Tary Yip will be teaching some of the basic techiniques of pushing hands including two person pushing hands drills.

The venue for this event is
Chinese Culture Centre
Unit E4 Stafford Park 15

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Please note registration for this event is on the same form as for the Autumn Boot Camp on the previous day.