The TCUGB has been in existence since 1991 and during that time a number of influential, respected and loved, members of the Tai Chi community have passed on.

Following the loss of Gerda Geddes in 2006, the TCUGB set up a Bursary in her memory, and have since added two further categories of funding as a memorial to all those who have contributed to the development and promotion of Tai Chi in Great Britain.

The aim of the funds are to promote and develop Tai Chi in Great Britain through financial assistance to those wishing to expand their knowledge and practice of the art so this can be used to improve public awareness and the standard of Tai Chi being taught in this country.

The Gerda Geddes Bursary is awarded annually to a single applicant to further the education and training of a junior member of the TCUGB. The Bursary is a payment of up to £300.00 to assist with costs in studying and practicing Tai Chi in Great Britain or elsewhere.

The TCUGB Development Fund is to be used for grants to applicants in furtherance of the objectives set out in our Constitution.

The TCUGB Competition Fund is to be used to assist members in travelling to and participating in competitions. This may be as part of a team or as individuals. Although agreement to assist in funding must be made prior to the event, the payment will usually be made after the event and upon receipt of proof of attendance.

All applicants are expected to provide a brief report for the magazine on how the funds have been used and the benefits derived.

Applications for any of the above must be made prior to incurring any expense and submitted to the Secretary. Applications will be considered on merit by the Technical Panel, who will then make a final recommendation to the Executive Committee

Bursary Application Form