TCUGB Health Committee

As the Union continues to develop, we have relaunched the Health Committee.
Initially, much of the work has been to inform members of COVID working updates across the UK. To that end we added a Facebook page as well as website COVID page, and useful resources page.

We’re are now working on the following aims

  • Collating/generating information for the TCUGB website and magazine.
  • Building links with health organisations. Both physical and mental health
  • Continued updates of COVID guidelines

As well as:
Collecting anecdotal accounts of health benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong.

Collecting research papers of the health benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong.

Research projects into the health benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong.

Promoting Tai Chi & Qigong with media coverage.

A big project I would like to see underway is I’d like to make a full TCUGB member event to help raise the public awareness of Tai Chi and Qigong. More on this to come…

Bob Lowe: Team leader.

Committee/Team members:

WAL EYRE: Degree in Public Health & Sport Science. Keen interest in health and sports rehabilitation. Been practicing Taiji and Qigong for around 35 years. Mostly traditional yang forms and teaching for 15 years. Also trains in other martial arts including Escrima, Silat, JKD, and Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Additionally, interested in attracting younger people to Taiji.

LYN HAWORTH: MBA, MNLP Serious road accident in 1982 curtailed her police career. Continued in civilian roles, going on to become a local authority Chief Officer. The personal life-changing experience of benefits of, and rehabilitation through, Taiji and Qigong have driven Lyn to want to help others to benefit from the practice. A practicing holistic therapist, she also rescues and rehabilitates hedgehogs.

COLIN HUGHES: Emeritus Professor in the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Manchester which gives access to peer-reviewed academic literature for education and research purposes. Teaching Tai Chi and Qigong for health in university, health, and community settings for >25 years, with an interest in underpinning science.

CHARLES GORRIE: A background in general and psychiatric nursing specialising in rehabilitation. Interests in martial arts, postural work, and breath. Experience in working with GPs and Health Boards.

SUE DUNHAM: A trained scientist with work experience in IT. Also trained in Tuina, TCM, and Acupuncture. Sue is a Qigong student of Zhixing Wang, a talented and innovative teacher; she particularly likes the Qi sword practice. Sue has been teaching Qigong, of various origins, for more than 10 years but it is the energy work of Zhixing that gives her the thread that brings the work to life. Practice in Tai Chi and Cheng Hsin.

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