In 2009 the TCUGB created the roles of Honorary President and Honorary Vice President, to be awarded in recognition of an individual member’s substantial contribution to the promotion and development of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
The post is held for as long as the person remains a member of the TCUGB.
Members of the TCUGB are invited to nominate any other member that they feel warrants recognition for the work they have done.
Nominations must be made in writing, either email or post, to the Secretary setting out the name of the person nominated and the reason that the nominee is proposing the person for the post.
The following members have already been appointed to the role following consideration by the Executive.
John Hine 2009
Richard Watson 2009
Marnix Wells 2009
Gary Wragg 2009
Eva Koskuba 2009
Richard Farmer 2009
Derek Frearson 2009
Shelagh Granpierre 2009
Gaynel Hamilton 2009
Ian Cameron 2009
Ronnie Robinson 2009
Chris Thomas 2011
Tony Ulatowski 2013
Michael Davies 2013

Katherine Allen 2009
Keith Graham 2009
Norman Jones 2009
Richard Odell 2009
Quincy Day Rabot 2009
Donald Spargo 2009
Simon Watson 2009
Brian Woodruff 2009
Angus Clark 2009
John Fowler 2009
Linda Griffiths 2009
Patrick Harries 2009
Karel Koskuba 2009
Keith Sharp 2009
Mike Tabrett 2009
Altair de Almeida 2009
David Barrow 2009
John Bolwell 2009
David Ewing 2009
Alex Gardner 2009
Janice Gardner 2009
Colin Hamilton 2009
Kam Lau 2009
Imelda Maguire 2009
Liming Yue 2009
Wang Hai jun 2009
Vincent Jones 2009
Peter Newton 2009
Charles Gorrie 2009
Barrie Jehu 2009
John Johnston 2009
James Connachan 2010