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Choosing a Tai Chi class:

Because there are so many different approaches to the art, there are, obviously, a number of ways in which it can be taught. (See our What is Tai Chi page.) Some instructors teach predominantly health aspects, working with soft exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques whilst others may also include a range of partner exercises like push hands, martial applications and weapon forms. Try to be open-minded in your own approach to a class as there are many roads which to the same destination. Often your initial perception of what you think tai chi to be can change once you look deeper at what it is.

More often than not, beginners are (initially) attracted by ideas of relaxation, body awareness, stress reduction and personal growth. These aspects can also be gained (and often to a much deeper degree) by working on partner exercises like pushing hands, and applications. In tai chi we work to create a strong inner structure and outer softness which allows the student to attain a real deep sense of where their tensions and blockages are. Understanding these factors decreases the likelihood of reacting unreasonably to external pressures or conflict.

In looking for classes, you should bear in mind that most instructors' listings denote where they live, but they often teach in a much wider radius.

Think about why you are attracted to tai chi, and what you hope to gain from it, and then email a few instructors close to you with your ideas, they'll be pleased to advise you. Feel free to ask if you can visit a class to get a sense of how things are.

Finally, you should bear in mind that tai chi is unlike many other activities in that you go to the class to learn what to do; it is what you do with what you learn that really allows you to gain greater benefits. Regular practice pays dividends and helps you to learn quicker.

Ronnie Robinson
Promotions Officer - TCUGB