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Allan Aldridge - Manchester - Atherton Region: North

Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB

Traditional Chen Style Tai Chi and Qigong class on Thursday mornings in Manchester ( Atherton) - beginners welcome.
Laojia Yilu form, Silk Reeling, various Qigong exercises.

Contact: 79 Highfield Road
WA13 0DT
07964 514472
email: Allan Aldridge

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Mike Bennett - Preston Region: North

Wudang style Tai Chi Chuan - Hand form, Sabre form, Sword form and Spear form all taught with martial applications. Auxiliary training exercises including both fixed and moving step chi sau (pushing hands), chan su chin (silk reeling) and strength and flexibility exercises. Techniques and principles of Hsing-I Chuan (5 elements and 12 animals) also incorporated in the training.
Preston Lancashire

Contact: Shudokan Black Belt Academy
Fylde Road Industrial Estate
07843 202951
email: Mike Bennett

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Tony Birdfield - Poole Region: South & West

24, 32 step standard forms, 42 Step National Standard, 32 tai chi sword, 18 shibashi, 8 brocades, Yang family qigong, silk reeling, buddhist qigong (meditation, movement and healing), Non-Invasive Chinese Medecine (Medical Chi Kung & Tuina Massage) - Poole and Wimborrne area.

Contact: The Healing Space
34 Greenhayes, Broadstone, Dorset, BH18 8NA
01202 601412
email: Tony Birdfield


Elizabeth Carroll - Stewarton Region: Scotland

Scotland Tai Chi and Qigong

I studied with Master Liming Yue in Manchester and have achieved my 3rd level teaching certificate.
I do Warm up, Silk Reeling energy exercises, 11 form Chen style Tai Chi. Qigong - Ba Duan Jin - Wu Qin Xi. 1st 15 movements of 83 Laojia. Sabre form and basic push hands.
I also do 24 form Yang Style and Sun style Tai Chi for Arthritis. Classes - Wednesday morning Tai Chi for Beginners 11am-12 noon and Wednesday evenings Qigong 7pm-8pm, both in Our Lady and St Johns Church Hall, Lainshaw St Stewarton.

Contact: 17 Bowes Rigg
01560 483830
email: Elizabeth Carroll

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Mark Collins - Gloucestershire Region: South & West

Cotswold Edge Internal Arts

Chen style tai chi - chi kung, standing pole, silk reeling, Laojia old form, push hands. also Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi. Classes in Gloucester, Stroud, Dursley and Wotton-under-Edge

Contact: 100 Woodmancote, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 4AJ
01453 544881
07981 805206
email: Mark Collins


Russell Deacon - Inverness Region: Scotland

Description Wednesday £5
We train in standing meditation, silk reeling qi gong, chen short form, push hands and occasionally applications. The class is highly adaptable to your level and fitness. If you want the medical benefits of taiji and an oasis of calm in your life you should come. With more work your legs will get stronger and you will discover new sensations in your body. If you work as hard as I do you may achieve some martial benefits.
Training as often as possible is encouraged so outdoor classes are only £1 a time.
Multiple locations indoor and out suring school hours.

Contact: Sansum Martial Arts Highland House Longman Rd
email: Russell Deacon

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Sunya Dickman - Bristol Region: London/S.East

Bristol School of Taichi Chuan

Chen style fundamentals - zhuang zhan silk reeling, laoji yi lu,
laojia er lu, sword, broadsword, double broadsword, spear, guandaom
xinjia yi lu. Qigong. Push hands and applications. The school
curriculum covers all aspects of traditional chen taiji from qigong and meditation to martial application and push hands - Bristol and SW England.

Contact: 07811 566791
email: Sunya Dickman


Andy Fisher - Wigan, Lancashire Region: North

Wigan and Leigh Tai Chi

Chen Style: Laojia Yilu, Old Frame; Sword; Double Broadswords; Silk Reeling.
Modern Yang Style: 24 Step; 32 Step Sword.

Contact: 07596 974750

email: Andy Fisher

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Stephanie Fowler - London Region: London/S.East

specialising in Chen style tai chi, including silk reeling, 18
movement form and Laojia. Also teaching yang style 24 form for senior citizens - London based.

Contact: 07946 344672


David Gaffney - Warrington Region: North

Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB

Classes in Cheshire, Manchester, Warrington.
The official UK branch of the Chen Village Taijiquan School in China. We offer a full traditional syllabus: Standing pole and silk reeling exercises, Laojia Yilu & Erlu (Old Frame First & Second Forms), Xinjia Yilu & Erlu (New Frame First & Second Forms). Weapons including sword, sabre, spear, halberd & long pole. Push hands & applications...

The school organises regular training trips to Chenjiagou to train at the birthplace of Taijiquan. As well as monthly workshops & small group/private classes.

David teaches in the Blackpool class once a month. The classes in between are taken by Assistant Instructors Adrian Barry & Colin Rodgers.

Contact: 14 Clifton Avenue, Culcheth, Warrington WA3 4PD
01925 767597
0771 2616920
email: David Gaffney


Steve Goodeve - Redruth, Penzance, St. Ives & Carbis Bay Region: South & West

Tao Heart Tai Chi

Cheng Man-ch'ing Tai Chi Form (37 Step), Qigong, 18 Hands Tai Chi, Taiji Jian (Sword), Taiji Walking Stick, Silk Reeling Exercises (Chan Ssu Jing) and Pushing Hands (Tui Shou).
Redruth, St Ives, Penzance - Cornwall.

Contact: 07714 766901
email: Steve Goodeve

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Glenn Gossling - Region: London/S.East

Absolute Tai Chi

Absolute Tai Chi teaches the full sullabus of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. This includes forms (old and new frame), weapons, silk reeling,
push hands, self defence, body conditioning, meditation. As taught by the 12th generation inheritor Chen Xiaowang.

Mondays, 8pm-9.30pm
The Carpenter and Docklands Centre, 98 Gibbins Road, Stratford, E15 2HU

Contact: 23 Cheneys Road
E11 3LL
07958 293200
email: Glenn Gossling

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Susan Green - Region: London/S.East

Internal Kung Fu Research Association

Class Times and Addresses: Ilford - Wednesdays 12 - 1 pm at Arthritis Self-help Network, Cardinal Heenan Centre, Main Hall, Second Floor, 326 High Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1QP This class is for everyone, not just for arthritics.

Epping - Thursdays 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm at The Studio, Underwood Clinic, 238 High Street, Epping, Essex

Description of Classes: Tai Chi & Qi Gong Therapy

Class instruction includes: Chan Si Gong (Reeling Silk) Exercises and Chen Style Tai Chi 24 Form
Chan Si Gong exercises train the body and limbs to move in a spiralling manner in preparation for the Chen Style Tai Chi Form.
The classes are suitable for beginners and more experienced students. Everyone is welcome!

About the Teacher: Susan Green first studied Yang Style Tai Chi in 1998 for two years. She was introduced to Master Bing Fei (Beijing) in 2000 and became his disciple. Master Fei is the founder of the Internal Kung Fu Research Association. . Master Fei taught Susan Chen Style Taiji and many Qi Gong practices, which she now teaches to others in London and Essex. Susan continues to train with Master Fei and is currently learning a sword form. She has been teaching Tai Chi Forms and Qi Gong Exercises to groups and individual students since 2000. Susan is also very interested in Chinese Philosophy, she regularly studies the Tao Te Ching, Yi Jing (I Ching), The Art of War and other classics, and has an active interest in the principles of Feng Shui.

Susan has also studied the Alexander Technique since 1999. She completed 4 years full-time study, including one year full-time postgraduate study. She qualified to teach in 2004. She continues to develop her skills and self-knowledge working with master teachers on a weekly basis. Susan runs a successful practice teaching the Alexander Technique to private pupils at her home in Woodford Green, Essex. She also runs Introductory Courses and Workshops. She is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. , and a member of Alexander Technique Education

Her other interests include: Visiting her family and friends, Healthy Diet, Natural Healing, playing tennis, creating a beautiful garden, reading, growing Orchids (and other indoor plants), painting, drawing, sewing/knitting and expanding her knowledge of her PC and IT.

Contact: 020 8505 9415
07837 014 157
email: Susan Green

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John Grocott - Inverness Region: Scotland

Silk Road School of T'ai Chi

Teaching 37 and 44 step Cheng Man-Ch'ing forms, Qigong, partner work, weapons.
Over 10 years teaching experience.
Inverness Aquadome; Thursday evenings, 6-7pm
Fitness First; Friday mornings, 7.30-8.30am
monthly relaxation classes at Anam Cara; Sunday afternoons
occassional weekend retreats at Carbisdale castle

Contact: 8 High Street
01463 239094
email: John Grocott

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Mark Guggiari - Sandbach, Alsager and Stoke-on-Trent Region: North

UK Tai Chi Skills School

Chen style tai chi and Qi Gong for beginners upwards. Chen 18 form, 83 Xinjia (new frame) form, Cannon Fist, push hands and sword form. Qi Gong includes, 8 Silk Brocade, 5 Animal Qi Gong, Muscle and Tendon Qi Gong. Classes in Sandbach, Alsager and Stoke-on-Trent

Contact: 07887 551963
email: Mark Guggiari


Hridayagita - Bettisfield Region: Wales

Hridayagita runs Tai Chi and Meditation retreats for women at Taraloka retreat centre. Her training and practice is imbued with a sense of play, mindfulness and kindly awareness: about coming more and more into the present moment with an open heart and sense of ease. Forms taught are 8 strands of silk brocade, circle form, shibashi sequences and dance of the six elements. Taraloka is a women's Buddhist Retreat Centre so all retreats are led in the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community.



Nicola Jones - Sussex Region: London/S.East

Earth Balance Tai Chi

Chen Style Tai Chi - Foundations, Silk Reeling, 18 Form and Laojia Yi Lu. Health Qigong - 5 Animal Frolics, 8 Pieces Brocade and Earth Qi Gong for Women. Taoist Meditation - Inner Smile and Microcosmic Orbit. Drop-in classes, courses, workshops and private tuition in Horsham, Findon Valley in Worthing, Faygate and Crawley. Instructor Nicola Jones is a student of Master Wang Hai Jun and Tina Chunna Zhang

Contact: 07534 703077
email: Nicola Jones


Andrea Kocache - Crowborough Region: London/S.East

Yang short form (Cheng man ching), long form, push hands, silk reeling, Chen style 18 form, Lao Jia Yi Lu and Er Lu - Kent and East Sussex

Contact: 01892 654585
email: Andrea Kocache

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Adam Lammiman - Minehead Region: South & West


Cheng man Ching 37 step form, chen silk reeling exercises, yang broadsword, yang fast form, push hands and martial applications
classes - Mondays 7.30-8.30 Friends Meeting House, Minehead
Wednesdays 7.30-8.30 Roadwater Village hall

Contact: Flat 2 13 Blenheim Road
West Somerset
TA24 5PZ
07801 598686
email: Adam Lammiman


Oliver Leonard - Gloucester Region: Midlands

Gloucester Tai Chi Chuan

Chen style tai chi - laojia, silk reeling, standing meditation and qigong - Brockworth in Gloucestershire

Contact: Gloucestershire
GL20 8NL
01242 620643
0750 8686315
email: Oliver Leonard


Margaret Macdonald - Wirral Region: North

Rising Phoenix Tai Chi for Health

Yang style tai chi, chi kung, breathing exercises, silk reeling.
Promoting health and well being whatever age or ability - everybody welcome with the emphasis on fun of leaning a new skill whilst maintaining health and vitality. Classes in Mollingon, Chester, Thornton Hough, Heswall and Willaston

Contact: 07540 850823
email: Margaret Macdonald


Mary McGregor - Knutsford Region: North

Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB

Chen Laojia (Old Frame), Standing Pole, Reeling Silk, Sword

Contact: 33 Pevensey Drive
WA16 9BX
01565 650024
07946 391633
email: Mary McGregor


Julie Menzies - Fenwick Region: Scotland

Scotland Tai Chi and Qigong

Julie has attained her level three teaching certificate under Master Liming Yue.
Classes consist of Chen style tai chi warm up and qigong breathing exercises. Silk reeling energy exercises, tai chi 11 form, first 15
movements of the 83 form and some basic push hands movement.
Laojia, sabre form, ba
duan jin, wu qin qi and yi jin jing
Church Hall, Fridays 6.30-7.30, Kilmaurs Community Centre Tuesdays 6.30- 7.30
Qigong class at Our Lady & St John's Church, Stewarton

Contact: 5 Dunlop Street
01560 600686
07747 706318
email: Julie Menzies

Jacky Mills - Sheffield Region: North

Sheng Chi School of Tai Chi Chuan

My main interest is in tai chi for health and wellbeing. Teaching 12, 32, 37, 40, 42, 49 and 103 Forms of Yang, Wudang 18 and 24 Forms, Silk Reeling, Goulin method of chi gong and 18 Forms Shibashi.
Teaching in:
Beigton and Kiveton in Sheffield, Firbeck in Rotherham and Shireoaks in Worksop.

Contact: 15 Orgreave Rise
Woodhouse Mill
S13 9XZ

0114 269 5986
07732 995186
email: Jacky Mills


Ben Milton - Bristol Region: South & West

- Principal Instructor The Bristol School of Tai Chi Chuan

Instruction in Chen style Tai Chi Chuan including push hands and weapons forms.
With regular workshops from visiting world authorities on Tai Chi, Silk Reeling and Internal Strength.

Contact: 11 Laurie Crescent
0117 9493955
0781 1566791
email: Ben Milton


Phil Muil - Oxford Region: London/S.East

Oxford School of Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Wide range of chi kung and nei gong. Yang style short form. Chen style Laojia, Xinjia and Paochui. Various Weapons forms, push hands, silk reeling and Zhan Zhuang posture correction. Classes in Oxford

Contact: Oxford School of Tai Chi and Chi Kung
c/o 79 Kennington Road
07711 573750
email: Phil Muil


Adrian Murray - London Region: London/S.East

Da Kuai Academy

Access highly regarded lineages at the Da Kuai Academy with Adrian Murray who has received direct personal tuition from Dr. Chi Chiang Tao (since 1985), Chen Xiao Wang (since 1994) & Prof. Lin Chang-Li (since 2009). Adrian has been teaching in London since 1982.

He offers classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and at weekends throughout the year at St Gabriels Halls, Glasgow Terrace, Pimlico, London, SW1V 3AA.
Classes will start in Cambridge during 2014.

Tai Chi:
Cheng Man-Ching style Tai Chi as taught to me by Chi Chiang Tao (CMC's senior student of 20 years).
Mini form / short form / long form.
Straight sword of Chi Chiang Tao.
Pushing hands / da lu / san shou.
Chen style Tai Chi not offered publicly but enquiries welcomed.

Chi Kung:
Zhan Zhuang.
Tan Huan Gong (springing/vibrating).
Eight silk brocade.
White Crane.
Swimming dragon.

Hsing-I Ch'uan:
Wang ShuJin's Hsing-I as taught to me by WSJ's personal student Prof. Lin Chang-Li.
The Five Element forms.
The 12 animal forms.
The combination forms.
Thunder stick.
Classes held: St Gabriels Halls, Glasgow Terrace, Pimlico, London

Contact: email: Adrian Murray

Class Locations, click on the icon to see a map.


Gail Murray - Region: Midlands

Four Friends Tai Chi

I teach the Chen Laojia form (19 and full form), silk reeling and qigong exercises with a particular emphasis on the benefits of tai chi for health and relaxation. I am affiliated to the Chinese Internal Arts Association. Classes in South Shropshire (Bishop's Castle and Shrewsbury).

Contact: Oak Lodge
33 Hawthorn Road
Belle Vue
01743 340375
07891 701293
email: Gail Murray


Val Nicholson - Moreton in Marsh Region: Midlands

Cotswold School of Tai Chi

Val teaches Chen Style Taijiquan; 19 Form, Laojia, Silk Reeling and Qi gong
Wallace House, Evesham, WR11 4PJ
URC Hall, Broadway, WR12 7AL
Bourton Leisure Centre, GL54 2BD
Cotswolds Health & Fitness, GL54 2HQ

01608 652835
Email - email: Val Nicholson
Website -

Class Locations, click on the icon to see a map.

Derek Pavely - Shoreham by Sea Region: London/S.East

Shenmen Tai Chi

Red Sand Pal Chi Kung
Chen 11 Form
Chen 18 Form
Taiji Jian Yi Lu
Silk Reeling
Beginner's classes focused on health & relaxation
Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex

Contact: 07540 829 295
email: Derek Pavely


Aamir Rafi - Manchester Region: North

Tai Chi Centre

Chen style tai chi, lao jia(old frame), xin jia (new frame), cannon fist, silk reeling, sword, sabre, spear, halbard, pole, push hands, san da, chi kung, zhang zhuang, ba duan jin, five animal frolics - Manchester

Contact: Milner Street
Old Trafford
M16 9WF
07875 869794
email: Aamir Rafi


Mark SangerDavies - Tewkesbury Region: Midlands

Chen style tai chi - 19 form, laojia, silk-reeling, standing
meditation and sword forms on request - affiliated with the 3 counties Chen Taijiquan Association, - Cheltenham and Pershore

Contact: Garden House
GL20 7AD
01386 881117
07963 829388
email: Mark SangerDavies


Davidine Sim - Warrington Region: North

Chenjiagou Taijiquan GB

Classes in Cheshire, Manchester, Warrington

The official UK branch of the Chen Village Taijiquan School in China. We offer a full traditional syllabus: Standing pole and silk reeling exercises, Laojia Yilu & Erlu (Old Frame First & Second Forms), Xinjia Yilu & Erlu (New Frame First & Second Forms). Weapons including sword, sabre, spear, halberd & long pole. Push hands & applications...

The school organises regular training trips to Chenjiagou to train at the birthplace of Taijiquan. As well as monthly workshops & small group/private classes.

Contact: 14 Clifton Avenue, Culcheth, Warrington WA3 4PD
01925 767597
0771 2616920

email: Davidine Sim


Howard Tripp - Winchester Region: South & West

SpiralWise Tai Chi

Teaching syllabus:
Traditional Chen Style Tai Chi. Beginners and Intermediate classes covering Chi Gung, Silk Reeling, Short form (18-movement) and Traditional Long form (Lao jia yi lu, 74-movement). Other forms covered subsequently including Canon fist, Competition form, Sword and Sabre forms. Push hands, Applications and Meditation also incorporated into classes from time to time.

Contact: 24 Felmer drive, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7PY.
07920 715409
email: Howard Tripp


Chris Underwood - London Region: London/S.East

Short yang form, pushing hands qigong, ba duan jin; wu form 37 postures - as taught to myself by Li Yaqing - both forms, applications - also seminars with Chen Xia Wang - Old Frame - Push hands and Silk Reeling.
Also some training in Kick Fighting (Mongolian) and Ju-Jitsu Juko Ryu in the past.

Contact: 57 Manor Farm Drive
E4 6HJ
0208 2817868


Stuart Verity - London Region: London/S.East

Bodycorp, Integral Qigong and Wudang Practical Tai Chi Chuan

Qigong and Tai chi chuan combined training syllabus. 8 pieces, silk brocade, immortal and warrior set. Zhan Zhuang, standing meditation.
Reeling silk and tai chi qigong exercises. Tai chi short and long hand forms. Weapons - sabre, staff and sword. push hands and self defence
applications - Islington

Contact: 2a Nimrod Passage
N1 4BU
0207 241 4925
07973 672602
email: Stuart Verity


Mark Wadsworth - English Bicknor, near Coleford Region: South & West

Description: Weekly classes in Chen Style tai chi. Classes include standing meditation, silk reeling exercises, Chen short (15) form, Long form (Lao Jia), and Chi Gong. Beginners: Wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 7:30pm.

01594 544060
07791 738668

email: Mark Wadsworth


Andrew Walford - Clanfield Region: London/S.East

Chen style tai chi, including the 18
movement form, silk reeling exercises and partner work. Meon Valley area, Hampshire

Contact: 02392 420764
email: Andrew Walford


Mat Ward - Brighton Region: London/S.East

The Inner Harmony School

Regular Classes throughout East and West Sussex including Pulborough, Southwick, Burgess Hill, Steyning, Brighton and Hove, Woodingdean, Preston village (nr Brighton), Shoreham-by-sea, Worthing, Lancing
Inner Harmony was Founded in 2006 by senior instructor Matthew Ward
Over 30 years' experience in Asian Martial and Healing arts
Fully insured...CRB checked...Tai chi union Registered...
Qualified teacher (PGCE/QTLS) Reiki Therapist Level 2

We teach...

Professor Cheng Man Ching's version of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan (known as CMC style or Yang '37')
Martial Chi Kung sequences including Master Huang's loosening exercises, The 5 'Immortals' and more...
Health Chi Kung (Qigong) sequences including the '8 Brocades of silk', 'parting the clouds', 'Shibashi' and more...
Standing meditation' (Zhang Zhong)
Taoist stillness meditation
Tai Chi Walking Meditation
Longevity breathing
Practical self-defence
Tai Chi Partner work and 'pushing hands'
Martial Tai Chi Applications

01273 418 418
07812 098844
email: Mat Ward
65 Gardner Road, Portslade-by-sea, Brighton BN41 1PN

Class Locations, click on the icon to see a map.


William Wilkinson - Blackburn Region: North

Dragonfly Tai Chi

Classes held in Blackburn, Clitheroe, Whalley, Slaidburn, Salesbury and Accrington.

"I trained in Qi Gong with Chinese Health Qi Gong Association and teach Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin and Wu Qin Xi. I also teach Chen Style 83 Tai Chi and Silk Reeling. Classes are held in Accrington, Clitheroe, Salesbury, Blackburn and Slaidburn. I have recently started an Antenatal class in Whalley, Lancashire with the support of the NHS.The benefits that students have experienced from a health and fitness perspective range from an improved sense of well being to the improvement in some debilitating conditions such as asthma and hypertension."

Contact: 07720 375820

email: William Wilkinson