With effect from 4th January 2021

Balens insurance policy for The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain members:

Balens have devised a policy specifically for individuals who are members or student members of the TCUGB.

Please contact Balens directly to get a quote (TCUGB cannot arrange this for you)
Tai Chi Union for Great Britain – Balens Ltd.

Phone: 01684 580771

From 2021 for ease and clarity – all insurance and renewals will be with Balens, although members are always free to source different insurance.

Resources for Members:
Balens supply handy information and guidance for members (more to follow soon)
Educational Articles – Balens Ltd.

Balens Guide: (especially from page 17 onwards – Risk Management):
Balens Advice and Information Guide – Balens Ltd.

Keeping Records:
Patient Record Keeping 2018 – Balens Ltd.

Advice from David Balens (although written for CAM therapists, this contains some good points)

Professional Advice for Complementary Practitioners pdf file

Working online

We can confirm that the policy will cover the insured to work remotely or online within the territorial limits of the policy. This means that the insured will not be covered to work with clients based in the USA, Canada or any territory under their jurisdiction. If this is required please let us know as we may be able to extend the policy, generally for no additional premium. This needs to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Please note online working is subject to the standard policy terms and conditions. Here we would like to draw your attention to the record keeping condition found on page 35: Balens Health Professionals Scheme


training and competing

Training for competitions/tournaments is fine under the policy, but the cover will not extend to the organisation of an event.