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The Middle Path of Tai Chi
Peter Newton
Findhorn Press 9.95
ISBN 1-84409-052-3

Following on from the previous review of Metal Rod Exercises, we once again see a work that has been lovingly laboured on by its author. Peter Newton, (a long-standing TCUGB member) provides an unusual slant to tai chi, initially as a philosophical concept, and later also as a practical art with tai chi chuan. The book opens with Newton introducing a detailed analysis of the tai chi symbol (Yin/Yang) and, with the use of poetic examples, encourages the reader to think about ways in which they can apply this philosophy in daily life. He goes on to look at behavioural characteristics, body type and diet from a tai chi viewpoint offering various mirrors for the reader to consider where he/she sees one's self. Later he lets us look at the various stresses that can harm us and provides practical guidelines for improving our lot through balanced diet, meditations, exercises and breathing techniques. Peter has produced interesting and provoking material which may well contribute to increasing the public's (as well as current practitioner's) awareness of how tai chi can help us lead a more balanced life.