Meet The Teacher

Meet the teacher is a regular feature in Tai Chi Chuan, you can learn about some of the TUGB instructors, eventually make all of the interviews available here.

This section of the magazine has proved to be of interest to many readers. The idea is that each of our instructor members considers the same 10 questions which, we feel, will provide a partial insight to their approach to teaching.

The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain has always believed that Tai Chi Chuan can be practiced by students of all ages and physical abilities, whatever route they want to take in their development.

Our mission is " promote Tai Chi in all its aspects..."

You will see in these interviews some very contrasting replies to the same questions which re-inforces our aim to provide a platform for all practitioners , whatever approach they want to take.

Karen Green Number 41

Tony Hardiman Number 41

Marta Arce-Dubois Number 40

Barrie Jheu Number 40

Tony Ulatowski Number 39

Emma North Number 39

Bob Lowey Number 38

Jane Launchbury Number 37

Ray Pawlett Number 37

Pam Ladd Number 36

Luke Shepherd Number 36

Angus Clark Number 35

Pippa Cherrington Number 35

Keith Sharp Number 34

Rita Mikalauskas Number 34

Ashley Cheesman Number 33

Davidine Siaw-Voon Sim Number 33

Matthew Rochford Number 32

Anna Dashwood Number 32

Ian Kendall Number 31

Sue Weston Number 31

Richard Small Number 30

Steffi Sachsenmaier Number 30

David Hackett Number 29

Katherine Allen Number 29

Meet Alison Gardiner Number 28

Meet Lay Seng Chng Number 28

Christie Butterick Number 27

Don Wells Number 27

Ranjeet S. Sokhi Number 26

Faradina Affifi Number 26

Glen Belton Number 25

Jayne Story Number 25

Jenny Smith Number 24

Liming Yue Number 24

Karen Limb Winter 2006

Mark Peters Winter 2006

Catherine Robinson Summer 2006

John Rowland Summer 2006

Richard Odell Winter 2005

Meet Fay Yip Winter 2005

Meet Libi Welthy Summer 2005

Meet Bernie Nash Summer 2005

Joanna Zorya Winter 2004

Carl Burgess Winter 2004

Richard Farmer Spring/Summer 2004

Meet Mandeigh Wells Spring/Summer 2004