7th TCFE European Championships of Chinese Internal Martial Arts

At Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre
Pegasus Road, Blackbird Leys, Oxford, OX4 6JL
April 11-12, 2015, 0900-1800 hours
ENTRIES – Only members of Chinese Internal martial arts groups which are in membership of the TCFE may enter this event. All entries must be received on or before March 13th, 2015; late entries will not be accepted.
COMPETITION WEBSITE with entry forms and rules will be up soon.
REGISTRATION for foreign competitors will take place at the venue on April 10th from 1400-2100. Only cash payments will be accepted. Details on entry form
REGISTRATION for UK based competitors will be on 11th April at 0900.
SEMINARS will take place on April 10th. There will be 4 seminars each lasting 1 and a half hours and each costing £10 from 1500-1900. Details will be posted on website.
CONTACT – registration@taichicompetitions.com