Deepening into Patrick Kelly’s Internal System of Taiji

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21-11-20 – 22-11-20 Cumbria

Instructor: Jean Haines

A Deepening into Patrick Kelly’s Internal system of T’ai Chi.

Tai Chi Workshop 10 – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday

We explore through the 5 Loosening Exercises of Grand Master Huang Sheng Shyan, Short & Long Forms, Fixed Pattern Pushing Hands, Applications, and Meditation.

Each workshop has a specific focus that investigates how to
perceive, apply, deepen and refine down through the Joint,
muscle, pressure , stretch and mind changes.

With the overriding method of closing down the surface part of the Mind , while using a deeper part of the Mind to listen through the 5 internal senses to the subtle body changes and forces.

These internal processes, combined with a deepening intention, generate a profoundly relaxed, elastic Tai Chi body, and calmly focused mind state.

Progressive multilayered seminars suitable for people with some experience.

All workshops co-taught by Jean and Dave Haines, senior
students of Patrick Kelly 25 + years’ experience.

Please come on Saturday if coming for one day only.

£50 one day / £90 for both days

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