Introduction to Traditional Neidan & the Neijing Tu

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Instructor Gordon Faulkner

There are 4 stages in Daoist alchemy with Laying the Foundations being the first and, the most important.

This seminar introduces some of the practices for this vital first stage and also to understand how to use the classic Neijing diagram to help your practice.

The Neijing Tu is an energy road map of the inner landscape of the human body and we will start to unravel its meanings, hidden and obvious.

The benefits of regular and consistent practice are many but here is a quick glimpse:

  • Release physical tension and dissolve energy obstructions from your body
  • Increase your energy levels tremendously
  • Improve the effectiveness of your breathing
  • Activate your lower Dantian (lower energy centre)
  • Forge a strong connection between your breath, intent and energy
  • Begin to directly experience and awaken your physical potential
  • Begin to directly experience and activate your energy system

Tension in your physical and energetic body can cause many problems to manifest and the Laying the Foundations workshop begins to dissolve all of these tensions through subtle use of the breath and gentle awareness.

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