Tai Chi Qigong (shibashi) for Well-being 2-day course

Event Details

This 2-day course will introduce you to tai chi for well-being and rehabilitation as well as teach you seated and standing Shibashi set 1.
The tutor, Mark Peters, is one of only four people in the UK accredited by Professor Lin Housheng, the creator of shibashi.
The aims and objectives of the program are to introduce patients/students to a progressive form of exercise for mind and body. The gentle nature of tai chi qigong (shibashi) make it ideal for all levels of fitness and mobility. As the practice of tai chi qigong is so accessible, it has been found that people practice more regularly and look to progress further into the art of tai chi. The overall aim is to encourage, those taking part, to continue exercising in the long term and thereby gaining the longer-term benefits of tai chi and qigong.
Who would benefit from attending?
Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists, specialist activity professionals (e.g. cardiac rehab instructors), specialist nurses, tai chi instructors and personal trainers. Please note, if you feel you may be suitable but your profession has not been mentioned, do contact us to discuss.

Dates: May 10th & 11th
Course details can be found at:
Tai Chi Qigong (shibashi) for Well-being 2-day course

The course is £300 and can be spread over 2 payments.
Contact Mark Peters on email or phone 0121 251 6172
Website: Tai Chi Rehab