Meet Tony Ulatowski

Tony Ulatowski

How many years have you been practicing tai chi?
I have been studying and researching Tai chi chuan for 20 yrs and teaching all aspects of this art for 18 yrs.

What stimulated your interest?
I wanted to learn a martial art so a very good friend recommended that I look into Tai Chi and after my first couple of lessons I started to feel some benefits in my work life.

What does TCC mean to you?
TCC has become such a passion to me because of its profound affect upon my life .

The postural focus has helped me to continue my main profession as a hairdresser. The mental and physical daily practise supports me and keeps me in touch with all aspects of my daily life. TCC has helped me with major health issues of the past and makes me a stronger balanced human being.

What is the most important aspect?
There is not one aspect that is important, but when I practise I may focus on one or two principles at a time. To apply and feel them to ingrain them into muscle memory and the subconscious, so the circle continues. We are all individuals and therefore absorbing the principles at our own pace and this is where Tai Chi becomes our teacher.

Listening, feeling, doing.

Do you have any personal goals?
Oh yes! To promote, sell, flog, share and inspire anyone and everyone the wonderful virtues of TCC.

To develop and personally train myself.

Who or what inspired you?
Nigel Sutton’s dedication to martial arts and the teachers that he has shared with us in the west with his school, Zhong Ding international school TTCC.

The all inspiring Jing’s in TCC and how they work in solo practise, stillness and moving. Then to put them under pressure, in any way I can, to see if I truly understand.

That inspires me to train, research, study and share.

What do you make of tai chi’s current popularity?
It still needs more effort in promoting, for all its benefits, for which we know, are many.

Targeting the younger generations, educating them about all the benefits TCC has to offer, to help the art grow, to progress. To plant the seeds, being proactive to help the organic phase.

As a teacher how do you feel about the martial aspect of the art?
I feel that anyone who studies TCC without an understanding of the martial side could miss so much.

It doesn’t mean you have to fight, that’s normally your own internal one. Its how your mind, body and spirit works under pressure, finding your 3 treasures Sometimes as a teacher I guide individuals to train and push themselves in ways to help them personally develop at their pace, physically and mentally. The health benefits from understanding TCC as a martial art to me are indispensable, for any age.

What are your views on competition?
Competitions are great arenas for progressing your TCC, if it’s open hand form, dealing with the emotions internally, externally, testing how you’ve been training, can you remember all your form under pressure. Testing your gong fu your intestinal fortitude, ha, used to make me sick.

They have helped me focus on my training in the past and as a teacher helping and supporting my students to experience the journey. How TCC teaches you, about you, what it offers you, you will only learn by doing and not the result.

The result is the doing.

What direction would you like to see tai chi going in the future?
I would like TCC to be taught within schools at all levels as I believe that it helps in all aspects and all ways within our lives, academically, physically and interacting as a human being.

To be seen daily being practised in parks and city centres.

Joint Taiji schools holding events locally, wherever, whenever.

Promoting the art and not just the style.

San Bao Zhong Ding School of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan