British Open Tai Chi Championship Results

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This was the 26th anniversary of the British Open Tai Chi competition which was held again in Oxford. With nearly 12 years experience of practising Wudang Tai Chi Chuan and earlier experience of assisting at competitions in Sweden, this however was my first expecience as a judge at the British Open competition in Oxford.

Someone who also experienced his first time as a judge was Michael Jacques, Dan Docherty’s first student from 1984. He had twice won the men’s heavyweight division more than 20 year ago.

The competition started with a performance by Michael Jacques who demonstrated the Five Elements and the Eight Powers of Tai Chi.

Then the competitions began and so didm y role as one of the three judges of hand form.Which was both very interesting and quite enjoyable. It was very nice to see all good competitors perform and I also found the different styles of Tai Chi quite interesting.

Apart from myself, among the competitors were some other foreigners like Paulo Salas Vazquez. He has competed in Spain but this was his first British Open competition. He participated in Open Forms and Open Weapon Form, Open Internal form, which led to several medals. I particularly enjoyed watching him perform some Ba gua.

Another first-comer was Consiglia Vicente, who has competed in France and prepared for other coming competitions. She participated in Hand form, Open Weapon form with Fan, saber and sword. Consiglia told me, in my humble opinion something very wise, while waiting for the results that: Even if you don’t win any medals, it is a great experience and opportunity to learn and improve. She’s already looking forward to return for the competitions next year.

Emma Akesson