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Dan Docherty, (1954-2021)

It is with sadness that we have to announce the death of Dan Docherty, a
founder and driving force in The Tai Chi & Qigong Union for Great Britain.

Dan died suddenly on Thursday 9th December and there will be a full
obituary in the next issue of the Union’s magazine, Tai Chi and Internal
Arts. We have opened this page for comments of remembrance.

Some tributes to Dan

Fund raiser for Parkinsons UK In memory of Sifu Dan

5 thoughts on “Dan Docherty, (1954-2021)

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  2. mark peters

    Dan was a great force within the world of internal martial arts, with a personality to match. I first met him around 1990 and we grew to be good friends. He asked me to take over as TCUGB Chairman in 2020. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

  3. K

    RIP Dan,
    Will miss you…
    Your wit, your intellect, your je ne sais quoi…
    From the days of Jubilee Hall, forever in our hearts.
    Slàinte Mhaith

  4. Charles Gorrie

    Dan was my teacher for well over 20 years. He became over time a close friend. With him I travelled across Europe to camps and competitions. I met many lovely people and experienced many wonderful things. He took me to China and Tibet. I owe him a great deal. I miss him greatly. I will do my best to worthy of his trust

  5. Bruno Degaille

    Dan has changed my way of thinking Tai Chi Chuan, but also gave me the opportunity to consider and reconsider the way of teaching and to think how to be a good instructor. I became an inside-door student few years ago.
    To be accepted as a student, to recognise Dan as a master through the Bai Shi ceremony, to be part of a family, help and be helped are some of the most important things we should pay attention.
    “‘Tis a vile thing to die, my gracious lord,
    When men are unprepared and look not for it.”


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