Instructor Listing Update 2020 Copy Copy


(Background/purpose of the Listings)
1. The Listings enable members of the public to contact an appropriate TCUGB instructor. Listings are provided for free by TCUGB.
2. The Listings will enable the public to obtain background information.
3. The Listings will be searchable by anybody using information members provide (e.g. any combination of name, location, style etc.,)
4. Members may opt out at any stage. Deletions / amendment etc will be actioned by the TCUGB admin team. (Please contact ). There is no charge for amendments.


  • I confirm the information I am providing to be published on TCUGB [name of listings] is my personal information, and I wish it to appear on the Instructors Listings for free.
  •  I confirm that the details provided are correct, and are not misleading in any way.*
  •  I understand my listing can be deleted or amended upon my request. (To do this, contact: ). Such changes will take place within 30 days of request.
  •  I understand that all the information provided by me will be in the public domain and searchable on the internet.
  •  I consent to publishing my details in the public domain and understand that TCUGB are not responsible for how the information published on Instructors Listings is used by third parties.
  •  I understand that TCUGB retain the right to amend its Instructor Listings service. I will be informed prior to any such changes taking place.
  •  I understand the information provided for the Listings will be cross-referenced.

The above consents are in addition to TCUGB Privacy policy. The following Disclaimer also applies.


THE TCUGB does not give permission for any information provided by members to be copied and used by other parties, directories, advertisers or published on other websites.

Publication of any listings by the TCUGB does not indicate endorsement of the Listings; nor does it guarantee the accuracy of the Listing. The TCUGB Reserves its Rights under GDPR, to delete or amend any listing – and will upon notification review and revise any error or omissions in an individual Instructor’s Listing after investigation*. Please contact: