With effect from 4th January 2021

Balens insurance policy for The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain members:

Balens have devised a policy specifically for individuals who are members or student members of the TCUGB.

Please contact Balens directly to get a quote (TCUGB cannot arrange this for you)
Tai Chi Union for Great Britain – Balens Ltd.

Phone: 01684 580771

From 2021 for ease and clarity – all insurance and renewals will be with Balens, although members are always free to source different insurance.

Resources for Members:
Balens supply handy information and guidance for members (more to follow soon)
Educational Articles – Balens Ltd.

Balens Guide: (especially from page 17 onwards – Risk Management):
Balens Advice and Information Guide – Balens Ltd.

Keeping Records:
Patient Record Keeping 2018 – Balens Ltd.

Advice from David Balens (although written for CAM therapists, this contains some good points)

Professional Advice for Complementary Practitioners pdf file