Judges Training Seminar

Sat. 8th April, Bethnal Green, London

Please note that there is a Judges Training Seminar on the day before the 2017 British Open Championships, as an associated event in support of Dan Docherty’s competition.
This long-running series of seminars is key to developing a high and consistent standard of judging of Tai Chi forms in all styles. All too often contestants find themselves unfairly marked because one or more judges on the day are not familiar with the fine points of the form being demonstrated. If you would like to help to improve this situation, please come along!

The details: Judges Training Seminar
Workshops by:
Dan Docherty (Wudang)
Gary Wragg (Wu Family)
Tony Ulatowski (Chen Man Ching)
Simon Watson (Yang)

Date: Saturday 8th April

Time: 11:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

Venue: Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy
Unit 2a, 1st Floor
449-453 Bethnal Green Road
E2 9QH

Sign-up: Please visit this page:

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(Payment will also be accepted at the door on the day, but kindly email to confirm your attendance)

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