Position statement CIMSPA and TCUGB.

CIMSPA and The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain partner to develop Professional Standards for the Tai Chi and Qigong workforce.

TCUGB are delighted to announce our partnership with CIMSPA; TCUGB will work with CIMSPA to examine how professionals in the Tai Chi and Qigong community can be better equipped and recognised for the work they do and the associated health benefits for participants.

Until such time as a professional standard has been developed CIMSPA will not be endorsing education providers offering qualifications and CPD in Tai Chi or Qigong.

A professional standards committee (PSC) has been formed between a number of tai chi and qigong teachers, with specialist knowledge and skills, and CIMPSA to develop the standards. This will be managed by the TCUGB and CIMSPA. We are working to clarify training requirements, core skills, specialist skills etc. Further information will be posted as soon available.

Mark Peters is a long standing board member of the TCUGB and is our CIMPSA officer, heading the PSC and feeding back to the board, and TCUGB membership.

As of February 2020, CIMPSA own REPs; this will clarify the fitness industry as there will be a single directory moving forwards. Anyone previously previously being registered via REP’s will need to apply to CIMPSA and meet the relevant standards going forwards.

If you have any questions regarding CIMSPA, please email Mark at markpeters.balancedapproach@gmail.com