Chi Kung for Health & Vitality Ronnie Robinson £15.99

The DVD edition of this best-selling video not only includes clearly defined chapters allowing you to access the various moves with ease but also includes the eagerly awaited 2nd 18 Taiji Qigong Exercises as free bonus footage!
With the fast pace of 21st century living more and more of us are suffering from increased stress which manifests as back or neck pain, sleeplessness and constant lethargy. The ancient art of Chi Kung provides us with simple tools to deal with today’s health problems, increase our vitality and reinstate our natural zest for life!
These simple, yet highly effective exercises are easy to learn and accessible to all ages and physical conditions. This DVD provides clear guidelines, detailed explanations practical advice on how best to practice. By spending a few minutes a day you will discover increased energy levels and decreased stress levels. “Having taught this system of Chi Kung for many years I am greatly encouraged by the many successes reported by 1000’s of students in a wide range of environments from Health Clubs, Health Care Centres, Hospitals, Stroke Recovery Centres, Offices and Education Establishments.” (105 mins.)