The Tai Chi Nation Guide To Tai Chi £15.99

“an inspiringly brilliant introduction to the ultimate Taoist art” The Barefoot Doctor
This DVD features a simple guide to the basics of Tai Chi plus two complete Forms, filmed from two angles for total ease of use. Presented by Matthew Rochford (author of “Total Tai Chi”). Features include:

  • 24 Posture Yang Style Compact Form and 37 Posture Cheng Man Ching Form
  • An introduction to what Tai Chi is and where it came from.
  • Warm Ups to release blocked Qi in the body and joints
  • Fundamentals of Tai Chi, clearly explained.
  • Two complete Forms.
  • An overview of partner exercises and pushing hands.
  • Features music by The Barefoot Doctor and Leafcutter John

(Mercury Prize nominated). Access to free downloads from
“Matthew brings his deep knowledge, passion and empathy into all of his teaching” Tony Wilkinson, author of The Lost Art of Being Happy